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Cape Town south africa

Spent Your Holiday In South Africa

South Africa is basically full of wildlife, as you will see the thousands of species there, as it is also considered as the most geographically varied country in the African continent. Also it has huge mountains, beautiful and mountainous landscapes and has a famous desert called kalahari desert. The south Africa country has tons of regional parks and reserves species with the top rated chambers, also it has absolutely stunning and smooth road system and rail system. Although you can definitely say that the world is in one country after visiting South Africa. What kind of things does South Africa have that contain ostrich farms, wildlife safaris and adventurous sports. 

South Africa In A Quick View

  • Capital: Cape Town
  • Largest city: Johannesburg
  • Official languages: There are a total 12 official languages in south Africa. Africans, English, Ndebele, Sepedi, Sesotho, Setswana.
  • South African sign language: Swazi, Tshivenda, Xhosa, Xitsonga, Zulu.               
  • Religion(%) : 78.0 Christianity 1.7 Islam, 1.0 Hinduism, 2.7 other ,1.4 undetermined, 10.9 no religion
  • Government: South Africa has a unitary parliamentary republic with executive presidency.
  • President: Cyrill Ramaphosa
  • Chief justice: Raymond Zondo
  • Deputy president: Paul Masahatile 
  • Legislature: Parliament
  • Area: Total – 1,221,037 km , Water – 0.380%
  • Population: As per the estimate of 2022 is 5.99 crores. 
  • Currency: ZAR
  • Symbol: R
  • Driving side: Left

How To Plan For Vacation In South Africa

Planning your trip to South Africa is quite exciting because of its vast diversity and countless options to explore, whether you are with your partner or with your family, this trip will definitely make your time worth it. Although don’t choose the wrong timings so that you can’t take a desert safari experience it will ruin your journey.

Consider When To Travel

We recommend you to travel during the festive season so don’t miss the firsthand knowledge to offer you some insightful recommendations.

Although the best time to visit South Africa is from may to september for a better journey, because between may and september the temperature is dry and less production of vegetation, so it will help you to easily spot the animals especially around the water resources.

Choose What To Do And Where To Go

It will be difficult to plan where to go or what to do, so here are some suggestions for you to how you can spend your days in South Africa

3,7 days you can easily visit in Kruger national park, 2,3 days in johannesburg, 4,7 days in port Elizabeth, Mossel bay or the garden route where you can stay at or 4,5 days you can spend in cape town.

Decide How Many Days To Stay

For first time visitors 10-14 days means 3 weeks are enough for them to explore the beauty and natural diversity of South Africa. You can go for safari, Kruger national park, cape town or wonderful beaches for experience the beauty of this country. Although 10-14 days are really enough to explore the country, you can easily start your journey from South Africa and after exploring the nearest places then you will take a flight and visit Victoria falls, Zambia, Mozambique.

Consider Your Budget

If we are considering the budget South Africa is the most affordable country to explore. For luxury hotel expenses it starts from US$300 to US$500, or for middle hotel expenses starts from US$150 to US$250 per night. Although if we talk about the flight expenses and the returning process from Cape Town and Johannesburg the cost will be in between US$150 increasing up to US$180 on special days.

Check Out The Visa Policy

For travel from anywhere to South Africa valid passport with at least 6 months of validation and beyond. A valid visa is required, basically the people of the USA and most European countries may enter South Africa with just their passports because they get tourism for business purposes, so they can stay in South Africa without a visa for 90 days straight.

Places To See In South Africa

  • Johannesburg For 2 Days
Johannesburg South Africa

Spend your whole time on Sunday in sandton, a craft market, also explore the beauty of Johannesburg completely. Although at night you will get a chance to play at Johannesburg lion park and play with them.

  • Safari At Hluhluwe Imfolozi National Park For 2,3 Days
Safari At Hluhluwe Imfolozi National Park South Africa

From Johannesburg to reach imfolozi national park as it takes up to 8 hours completely to reach there through the traditional village and town of South Africa. There you will explore the Zebras and Antelopes on the field.

  • Durban For 3 Days
Durban South Africa

You can easily spend your 3 days in Durban, by trekking and exploring the beautiful place by well-kept natural reserves like Umhlanga and Amanzimtoti. These are stunning beaches of South Africa, you can enjoy your evening there by enjoying the food called bunny chow, a bread cubes filled with curry.

  • Elephant National Park For 2 Days 
Elephant National Park South Arfica

The best part of travelling to South Africa is by crossing the elephant national park, you will definitely get the breathtaking view when you see the greenery of the park, it will be a wholesome moment for you all. You should definitely take the road trip around the elephant national park.

  • The Garden Route For 5-7 Days
The Garden Route South Africa

The garden route is divided into 3 sections called port Elizabeth straight from the cape town which is approximately 750 km drive. Or for a sea side view you may go to Knysna, or at last for those who love adventures you may go to Bloukrans bridge between port of Elizabeth and Knysna, they offer the highest bungee jumping.

Try Local Foods and Drinks


  • Biltong and droewors
  • Boerewors
  • Bobotie
  • Cape malay curry
  • Malva pudding
  • Bunny chow


  • Amarula don pedro
  • Cape wine
  • Springbokkies
  • Amasi
  • Rooibos
  • Mageu
Best Month To Visit South Africa

The best time to visit South Africa is from May to September, because in the winter months the weather is cold and the conditions will take a big change at this time. Although from November to February it will be the rainy season so from May to September is the best month to plan the trip. It will be quite warm months with the temperature of 22 degree to 33 degree.

How To Reach Here

From India

You can take the flight from Delhi, and it will take approximately 13 hours or 27 minutes to reach. Although the distance between both countries is about 7292 km, and if you’re travelling from the road the distance is 14052 km.

Some Amazing Facts About South Africa
  • South Africa has its own 12 official languages.
  • South Africa covers 10% of land on the earth surface with their different types of species. while the whole country is covering only 2% of land on earth.
  • South Africa has the world’s longest wine route for 850 kilometres from port elizabeth to cape town.
  • This country has been boosted up with 9 UNESCO world rich heritage sites, because of its natural beauty, rich history and culture.
  • South Africa is five times bigger than the UK, with 1.2 million square kilometres.
  • Springbok is the national animal of South Africa.
  • South Africa is the only country who hosts the world’s huge bicycle race.
  • South Africa has the largest Christian population.
  • The world’s number one producer of gold is South Africa.
  • South Africa has the most luxurious trains you will see while visiting.

In conclusion, South Africa has the world’s biggest landscape which offers a diverse range of varieties and different stunning places, although you will see different kinds of animal species in South Africa. If you are planning to visit South Africa this is the best decision you will make. You won’t be regret after visiting South Africa.

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