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Sweden Trip – A Complete Guide To Enjoy Your Vacation

Sweden is the country located on the northern side of Europe, this country has the least population with less than 10 million people in it. Sweden is famous for its stunning natural landscapes and fascinating cities and the countryside views. Most of the people lived in the countryside but in the 1900s the country became Industrialised and before that people had been shifted to other cities like Malmo, Goteborg. If you visit Sweden it will give you an incredible experience of their modernity and showcase their unique blend. It has a number of parks like Abisko national park, Sarek national park which perfectly gives you an experience through the wildlife and the outdoor activities.

Sweden At A glance

  • Capital: Stockholm
  • Population: as per the estimation of 2023 (10,040,995)
  • Area: 1,73,860 sq. m and 450,295 sq. kilometer’s
  • GDP: as per the estimation of 2023 is $715.995 billion
  • Prime minister: Ulf Kristersson
  • Currency: SEK
  • Language: Swedish
  • Form of government: the form is constitutional monarchy
  • Climate: in July the climate will be at 20.5 degrees and in winter the month of January the temperature will be 1 degree.

Exotic Places To Visit In Sweden

  • Gothenburg

This is the most stunning city located on the western coast of Sweden near the Atlantic ocean. This place looks so stunning and offers a sophisticated scenic view, as we know that Gothenburg is the second largest city in Sweden which is very crowded and filled with people most of the days. If you are planning to explore Gothenburg you should visit the Bohusian archipelago where there are at least 800 small islands. As you will know that Gutenberg is also known as “Fika” where the coffee is so popular along with Hagabullen, a famous Swedish pastry.

  • Stockholm

Stockholm is the most stunning you have come across, also it is the capital city of Sweden which includes around 40 islands and 50 bridges. In Stockholm you will get to know that there are curbstone streets, buildings and old cathedrals that are from the 13th century. Moreover the sophisticated royal palaces and ferry rides. For fashion and beauty Stockholm is the best city with the top-notch products, as they can provide you with jewellery, clothes, etc.

  • Malmo
Malmo Sweden

Malmo is the third largest city in Sweden which offers the ultimate views and places, as it is considered that Malmo is the easily reachable city with 515 kilometer’s from the Sweden. The best thing about this city is that it is a bike-friendly city, you don’t need to come here by flight or other commercial vehicle, as it is the most self-earned reputation city. Although the distance is only 15 minutes away by bicycle. Basically this city is windy. You can find it warm in summers and pleasantly cold in winters.

  • Kalmar
Kalmar Sweden

This city is the most vibrant city in Sweden, it is the best place to visit in summer as you will see the incredible and scenic views of it. It is the third largest city of smaland and located in the southeast coast of Sweden, there are basically two main areas in Kalmar the one is giraffe city which consist of thirty shops and Hansa city consist of 25 shops. You will experience the warm weather in summer and that’s why most of the tourists visit during those summer months.

  • Orebro
Orebro Sweden

Orebro is the most sophisticated and beautiful place in Sweden, as it is also called as port city because it has most of the historical landmarks like Gothic church and castle of karnan etc. they have also create a city center in the middle of the lake where people can come and enjoy the scenic view of it, as it is the most beautiful designed port in the whole Sweden country.

  • Abisko national park
Abisko national park Sweden

Abisko is the most stunning natural and green valley to witness the natural beauty of it. It is only 195 km away from inside the Arctic circle where you can do camping and trekking also. If you dream of the northern lights in Abisko national park you may see it but in different colours like yellow, blue, orange and red. You can also do some outdoor activities in this national park and experience the natural wildlife.

Things To Do In Oland

  • You can experience the sight of Lange Jan lighthouse, which was built in the 18th century during the Russian prisoners of war. It is located at the south cape of the island.
  • Naturum ottenby is the most well-known place for bird watchers, which is located at the right side of the lighthouse.
  • St johannes kapell is the place of worship, and is close to a warehouse and 100m walk from the lighthouse.
  • Gettlinge gravefalt is the place where 200 graves here in which 20 graves have been dig out.
  • Morbylanga is the oldest town of Oland, as it is located near the windmill coast.

Things To Do In Sigtuna

  • You can go and experience the Sigtuna town hall, as it is one of the oldest and smallest ones in Sweden.
  • Mariyakyrkan is a cathedral you can visit here which was built in the 13th century by the Dominican order.
  • Klockbacken is the hilly park in the center of Sigtuna, it is the perfect place for you to spend hours.
  • You can visit Sigtuna museum where you will learn about the Sigtuna municipality from the stone age period.

Gotland history

  • You can witness the ancient period of the Gotland museum, to know about the intricate cultural history.
  • Lummelunda cave is another sophisticated site, you will explore as your adventurous site.
  • Langhammars is another site attached with the where you can see over 10m long island faro.
  • You will find the natural reserve in Hobergun, as it will be worth the visit.

Explore Uppsala

  • The second oldest museum, Gustavianum museum, you should visit.
  • You can also witness the beauty of the ancient burial grounds of the wealthy.
  • You can take an experience of nightlife in Flogsta with collective scream.
  • You should definitely take the experience to the Gamla Uppsala church, where a sophisticated dart will be synced on the church wall.

Umea Tourist Attractions

  • You can take a bike ride near the Umea river which is 470 km, it will give an amazing ride.
  • The Nydalasjon lake is about 3 km long. You can simply walk, as it has a peaceful nature.
  • You can explore the history of Sweden in Vasterbottens museum to build up your knowledge.
  • Bolesholmarna is the best and most beautiful river to take a bath in. you should definitely try it out.

Popular Foods In Sweden That You Will Never Miss

  • Oat milk Latte: don’t miss this drink if you are a coffee lover.
  • Toast Skagen: it is a Swedish shrimp toast, stuffed with prawns with mayonnaise.
  • Heering: this is fish Swedish cuisine, which is a flavory dish served with bread and a variety of sauces.
  • Prinsesstarta: it is a sweet dish as a spongy cake generally served on birthdays, graduation day or any occasion.
  • Crispbread: it is the side dish of Swedish cuisine you are having, and it is so popular in Sweden.
  • Lingonberries: it is a type of thick smoothie made up of red and blue berries along with white cream and crumbs of biscuit.

Travel Cost

It will be little expensive of Indians, let’s check out the accommodations:

  • Tickets price – up to 30,000 to 70,000 INR.
  • Visa fees – 6,600 INR.
  • Mid-range hotels – 2,500 INR to 6,700 INR.
  • Luxury hotels – price around 6,700 INR to 12,500 INR.
  • Food – mid-range 1,200 to 2,500. Luxury restaurant 4,200 per person.
  • Activities – 800 INR to 2,500 INR.

Visa Process

  • A valid passport is required with the long duration of validity.
  • If you have an old passport, you should also carry it for proof.
  • Take 2 passport size photos of yours.
  • A copy of your visa application form with your appropriate sign.
  • Take a proof of your budget package of everything for Sweden.
  • A letter for the purpose of visiting Sweden.
  • Take a bank statement with yourself for the last 6 months.

For child visa fees: 11,070

For adults: 12,878

Child below 6: 8,578

Amazing Facts About Sweden
  • The most important thing is that Sweden has the highest entrepreneurship per capita income than Europe.
  • It’s illegal if you smoke in public places in Sweden.
  • Sweden has the same size as California.
  • The interesting fact is that Sweden has a hotel made up from ice.
  • If you know that a Swedish passport is the best passport in the world, you can travel to 124 countries with a Swedish passport.
  • Sweden has double the population of Norway.
  • There is Swedish art all over the Sweden metro station.
  • Half of Sweden is covered with forest.

In conclusion, as we know Sweden is the most beautiful country that offers you intricate places and cities with breathtaking views and numerous adventurous activities. So just make a tick on your bucket list and travel to Sweden, You will definitely love this place.

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