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Experience The Glory Of Morocco Tourist Attractions

Morocco is a very vast country with rich history, tapestry, cultural heritage and intricate landscapes with breathtaking views, although Morocco is situated in North Africa. The land of Morocco is basically the place where visitors can experience the unique and remarkable journey through magnificent scenery of Morocco, and on the other hand Morocco has some ancient traditions with modern contemporary influences. The most wonderful thing that attracts a lot of tourists is Atlas mountains and the second one is stunning sahara deserts. This place is one of the most stunning places to visit in Morocco on your vacation.

Morocco At A Glance

  • Capital: Rabat
  • Population: approx the estimation of 2023 is 34,314,130.
  • Head of the state: Muhammad VI
  • Form of government: the government is constitutional monarchy.
  • Languages: the official languages are Arabic, Berber dialects and French.
  • Currency: Dirham
  • Area: 172,000 sq miles and 447,000 sq kilometres.
  • Climate: in the Sahara desert side the temperature is hot about 35 degrees and low will be at 5 degrees, and the climate on the eastern coast is hotter, dry and continental climate.

Places To Spend Your Holidays In Morocco


Rabat Morocco

Rabat is the stunning capital of Morocco, which offers a wide range of experiences you are going to experience in this city. This city basically showcases the rich history of the country of about 12th century when this place was generally founded and it was a fortress, but in today’s time Rabat shows the modern tapestry along with the history. Although Rabat is a well maintained and preserved historical site just exactly like Kasbah of Oudayas and many more. You can perfectly explore Rabat’s city with the well-known information about its history. Basically, Rabat is a very calm and cultured city with a chaotic atmosphere. These are the reasons that make this city a must visit place.

Things To Do

  • You can take a tour in the old city of Rabat Medina, considered as the historical place with traditional architectural and religious culture.
  • If you want to experience some breathtaking views you should go to Kasbah and Udayas, you can experience the scenic view on the top of the fort of Kasbah and you will experience the rich history of it.
  • You will relax on the stunning beach of Rabat called Temara beach, offering some intricate views, and this is about a 14 minutes drive from the main attractions in rabat.
  • There are so many places for food lovers to have some tastiest morocco cuisine.


Fez Morocco

This is one of the most famous attractions in Morocco called the city Fez, this place is full of cultural heritage and rich history tapestry, also it is UNESCO world heritage site. The houses are basically considered for sultan. Although this place has many 14th centuries to explore like religious schools, carpet stalls and leather material shops, you will definitely find it interesting. Basically you will experience the mix between the ancient architecture and modernism.

Things To Do

  • You can enjoy the oldest historical significance called Medina, you will feel lost while reaching there, because it’s such an amazing place to see.
  • Another place you can visit in fez is the peaceful garden called Jnan Sbil, a beautiful garden to relax, make yourself calm, watching birds, plants and beautiful flowers.
  • The magical and iconic historical building you can visit in Fez is Bou Inania Madrasa, where you find the stunning wood carvings and intricate tileworks.
  • The most famous and well-known destination in Fes is Tanneries where you will see earthen pots full of colours for dye which is used to colour the animal skin.

Merzouga Called Sahara Desert

Merzouga Called Sahara Desert

The Sahara desert is the must-visit place to visit, even we can say that your Morocco trip will be incomplete without the Sahara desert. Although this place offers you a camel ride, picturesque views and beautiful sunset in the evening or you can spend a beautiful night in the desert camp under the star night, it will give you an unforgettable experience throughout the day.

Things To Do

  • You can experience the unique spa day in the Sahara desert.
  • The sahara desert is the most stargazing place where you are only spending a day with a beautiful night with no pollution and worldly problems.
  • You don’t need to surf only in the ocean, you can also do it on sand also, or you should definitely try this out in the Sahara desert.
  • You can find desert foxes which always stay in the sand.



Tangier is the most famous and beautiful destination in Morocco, you should definitely make a visit here with your family, or you will find here some intricate and cultural attractions connected to history. Tangier is located on the border of Europe and Africa, in this place tourists can explore some various places like Kasbah and the grand Sacco and many more in it.

Things To Do

  • You can explore Tangier medina, the oldest city to explore. It was a playground for author Paul Bowles but now it will become a big tomb.
  • You can also explore the oldest kasbah museum, there are so many exhibits related to complicated history.
  • The ville nouvelle is the newest thing to explore, established in the 19th or 20th century with many new fine buildings.
  • In the west of Tangier you can admire the sea view at cap Spartel park.

Best Time To Visit Morocco

Autumn and early spring season is the best time to come to Morocco and the months for Autumn are (September to November). And for early spring time it is (March and April). The weather is always warm in Morocco, but it will be worth visiting, or whenever you visit this country it will offer you something new.

How To Reach Here

From Delhi:

From India your cheapest flight tickets will be approx Rs22,444, and the flights that have been operating from India are Air India, Emirates, Qatar Airways, and Etihad. From Delhi Indira Gandhi International Airport to Meknes Airport, Morocco.

Form London:

You can plan your trip to Morocco from London by air with the cheapest flight tickets cost of Rs 2,712, and the distance will be around 3hr from London. And the operating flight is British Airways. From Heathrow airport to Mekens airport, morocco.

From New York:

You can go Morocco from New York by air with the ticket price of RS 41,673 and the distance will be approx 7hr form New York, and the toppest flight operating it is Royal air Marco. From John F Kennedy to Mekens airport, Morocco.

Popular Food And Restaurants
  • B’ssara:

It is a kind of rich soup made of dried broad beans, basically served at breakfast with the toppings of olive oil, sprinkling cumin.

  • Tagine:

This is the famous dish of Morocco made with cut or lamb of chicken pieces and it will be slow cooked with lemons, dried fruits and honey and sugar to give it a perfect balance in flavour.

  • Fish chermoula:

Chermoula is the famous dish which is made up from fish with the best combination of herbs and spices which is marinade before grilling and is topped with lemon to enhance its taste.

  • Makouda:

This is the main street style dish of morocco, this is a deep fried potato ball which is very delicious and it is served with spicy sauce.

  • B’stilla:

This is a sweet dish made with a thin layer pastry of pigeon meat, almonds and eggs which is garnished with saffron, and last diced it with sugar powder.

Famous Restaurant

  • Marrakech
  • Dar Yacout
  • La Grande table
  • Dar zellij
  • Comptoir Darna
  • Mes’s Lalla
  • +61
Festivals And Events
  • Fest festival of sacred music in Morocco, which is held in May and June in Fez.
  • Marrakech Art festivals which are held in July in marrakech.
  • Imilchil marriage festivals which generally take place in September in Imilchil, Atlas mountains.
  • Erfoud dates festivals which occur in October in the Sahara desert.
  • Asilah festivals which held in august in Asilah.
  • Ramadan is casually celebrated in spring or summer in Morocco.

Visa Process

If you want to make a Morocco tourist visa , which is called a Morocco tourists visa, it can be issued for single or various entries so you can stay up to 90 days in Morocco.

Cost of Tour in Morocco

The whole cost tour of Morocco is $50 to $100 for per person, for per day, and for additional activities the range will be $100 to $200 per day for per person. Although if you rent a private transportation it will be $300 per day per person.

Amazing Facts
  • In Africa Morocco is one of the most famous destinations for tourists.
  • Basically Morocco has two official languages Berber and Morocco Arabic.
  • Tea is the national drink of Morocco, but they love coffee, as tea is generally served only to the guest.
  • Morocco is the second oldest ruling dynasty in the world.
  • Morocco is the home of many filmmakers and has the largest film sets.
  • Atlas and riff mountains are the majestic landscapes of Morocco.
  • Morocco has almost the same area as California.
  • Argon oil generally originates from Morocco.
  • Kasbah is the most stylish building and Morocco is famous for that.

In conclusion, Morocco is the most famous country in North Africa and considered as the most visited place in the whole Africa, you can come here with your family friends and with your loved ones, this trip will give you the most unforgettable experience to you, so have definitely make time and money for it, as it will be worth it.

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