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Venice, Italy - Tourist Places

Venice, Italy – Tourist Places & Top Things To Do

Venice is the most beautiful and vibrant city to explore it completely. Although Venice is the capital city of Italy with 115 small beautiful islands, it is referred to as a “city of canals” or a “floating city”. Basically Venice is famous for its beautiful location and intricate landscapes which is perfectly breathtaking scenery you are going to experience. You can explore many things and places in Venice city, it has a framework of canals and narrow streets. Also Venice is a UNESCO world heritage site with its universal desire and sensitive conservation. So in this blog you will know about this beautiful Venice city, or how it can be helpful for you to visit Venice.

Places To Visit In Venice

  • Bell Tower
Bell Tower Venice

The bell tower is one of the most magnificent buildings in Venice, with intricate designs and it is considered of historical and religious significance for the people of this city. Although this building was built in 1718 and this place became the most visited place in Venice. People come to know here the history and glory of this tall standing tower and this the most interesting part to visit here because it has a very amazing history. To see the amazing view at the top people will climb upon to take a picturesque moment.

Sunday is the best day to visit this place.

Things To Do In Bell Tower

  • You should definitely admire the structure of intricate Mosaics in saint Mark’s Basilica aka bell tower
  • You should visit the most important buildings along with the doge’s palace. This is the official palace to rule the Doge of Venice.
  • The bell tower is 98.6 metres tall in height, and you can easily take out the look of their intricate design.
  • Near the bell tower there are so many historial cafes, you should definitely make a visit there.
  • Santa Maria Gloriosa Dei Frari
Santa Maria Gloriosa Dei Frari

This place is one of the most valued places to visit in Venice while you are on your Venice journey. Basically it is a famous church in this city and you must visit tourist destinations. If you visit this church you will see some beautiful paintings that are dedicated to some renowned artist and the tomb inside the church is dedicated to Antonio Canova.

The entry fee is 3 Lira.

Timings of this church: 7:00am to 7:30pm on Monday to Saturday, but on Sunday 8:00am to 7:00pm.

Things To Do In Santa Maria Gloriosa Dei Frari

  • This church is a must place for Italian rebirth and their religious arts.
  •  This church has some rules and regulations that you have to cover your knee, shoulder and you have to maintain the decorum of the church, one more thing you should lower your voice during your visit.
  • For those who use wheelchairs, this church is fully attainable there.
  • Murano

Murano is a beautiful place with colourful houses by the side, you will feel like you have come into a fairy world or something like that. Basically Murano is the place with the group of seven islands which is linked through bridges and canals and that’s made it a beautiful and must visit place for tourists. People will experience amazing things like glass making in glass making factories, artistic showrooms and they will attend the expert worldshops of glass making factories or you can explore European architecture. This place is located near the waterline which is approx 4.1 to 4.1 kilometer’s to reach Murano.

Things To Do In Murano

  • You can take a short tour to a glass making factory which was a Vetro that was converted into a museum and this is a glass making factory.
  • Murano is full of exceptional things to do, and they were built in the 17th century.
  • By exploring the other places of the island, Murano has a great canal, also a great path to explore the other features.
  • Lido

So if you are tired of exploring the monuments and palace you should visit this beautiful beach with an intricate view and peaceful vibes. So this is a must visit place in Venice with a small crowd of people, it also offers the restaurants and hotels near this beach to give an intricate view of it. Basically this lido beach is facing the Atlantic ocean as well, this is beautiful with golden sand and a number of benches for resting.

Things To Do In Lido

  • You can take a bike ride in Lido, and talke wonderful experience.
  • You can also take private cooking classes with Le Locandiere.
  • You can take a real experience of the hidden gems of venice.
  • You can enjoy the beautiful view during sunset.
  • In Lido you can have dinner in the famous restaurant La Favorita.
  • Rialto Market

This is the most visited place in Venice to explore their market also, with many shops with food stalls. Make sure you will visit this market on time to experience organic harvesting of vegetables and fruits, although this place is one of the crowded places in Venice. In this market you will get fresh peaches, cherries and many more things in its right season. This place is best for exploring at night.

The timings are from morning 7:00am to 12:00pm.

Popular Foods That You Must Try

  • Bigoli in salsa

It is basically spaghetti with fish salsa, along with this spaghetti covered with sauce made with onion or cream. This dish is usually served on special occasions like Christmas or Good Friday.

  • Fegato alla Veneziana

This is a dish cooked with calf liver, yet sweet with caramelised onions on the top of it. This is a venice main course or if you are making this by yourself make sure the liver will not be overcooked.

  • Buranelli

Buranelli is the sweetest biscuit that is perfect for breakfast as well as for evening snacks.

  • Fritto misto

This dish is the most famous for the sea food lovers. It is highly spicy including deep fried fish balls and also includes some vegetables to make it more delicious.

  • Cicchetti

Cicchetti is one of the local dishes of Venice, this basically a fried meatball or you can have it in your breakfast or evening snacks time.

  •  Polenta e schie

This dish is basically made of fish shrimp and sauteed over it turning brown along with the flour should be boiled in salty water. This dish will turn out so tasty.

Festivals And Events

  • The carnival of venice which is held on 12th february to 1st of March.
  • The Venice Biennale the music, art and cinema theatre.
  • The International film festivals which are held in the first week of August and first week of September.
  • The Regata storica rowing race will be on the first Sunday of September.
  • The Redentore fireworks will be on every 3rd Saturday of july.
  • The Vogalonga rowing race is on Sunday in May.
  • The Venice marathon is on the last Sunday of October.
  • The feast day of the church is on 21st November.
Travel Cost

Ticket price: starting from Rs40,000 to 80,000.

Guesthouse: around Rs3,000 to 5,000

Food: your bill will be around Rs1,500 to 2,500.

Activities: approximately Rs500 to 1,500.

Transportation: it will be around Rs1,000 to 2,000

Shopping: your budget will be Rs3,000 to 5,000

Other expenses: Rs2,000 to 3,000.

Visa Process

There will be no requirement of visa to travel to Venice city, but make sure you have your valid passport.

Amazing Facts
  • Venice city is basically known for its stunning bridges, there are 417 bridges in this city in which 72 are private.
  • The houses in venice city resembled the districts not according to streets, so it is quite difficult to find the exact address.
  • In Venice there are almost 350 gondolas with the weight of 600 kilos.
  • In 1608 there was a rule and still a rule of wearing a mask during the carnival, and whoever broke the rule would be punished by keeping them in prison.
  • Venice has a total 177 canals.
  • Venice is submerged at the rate 1 or 2 millimetre per year.
  • In the last 50 years the population of Vanice has decreased by around 1,20,000 to 60,000.
  • The woman you did graduate from was from Venice in 1646.

In conclusion, Venice is the most vibrant and beautiful city for touring and spending your vacation properly. You can come here with your family members, with your children, they will definitely enjoy the trip and will learn something new. Venice has some beautiful and historical places with a rich history and culture which you can see while visiting. 

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