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Madagascar travel

Madagascar Travel Guides

The Madagascar destination is considered as the largest red island with intricate and scenic views. You will discover more about this magical place and their destinations in hidden gems. Although this is the first human colonised island over 2000 years ago, although with the good bond with France the island is fully developed in colonial, economical and as well as development of cultural links with French speaking countries. Basically Madagascar is covered with ocean on all sides without western border, although music is a very important part of Malagasy culture, the people of this island celebrate the local dance and play music with valiha, a guitar instrument. This is a very joyful city. You should definitely take a visit there.

What Is Madagascar Best Known For?


As we know Madagascar is the fifth largest island in the world and it is famous for pepper, vanilla and lemurs while it is an Indian ocean, which you can see clearly in its residents. The residents of this island have to think about cultures and appearance and fashion style, they have to take care about fashion and they think about it in a very conscious way. Although Madagascar have total 6 territories like Antananarivo, Antsiranana, Toamasina, Fianarantsoa Toliara. Malagasy people are a little patriotic because after the independence with France, the Madagascar people have changed so much in their culture and their language and they are coming back to their original traditional region again.

You Can Also Explore The Places

  • The baobabs is the place and it is located in a Menable region, you should definitely visit it and enjoy the most scenic view under the baobabs trees, also you can enjoy the scenic and breathtaking view of sunset.
  • The UNESCO world heritage site Tsingy de Bemaraha offers the intricate landscape and experience the surroundings, people who visit there should explore the unique caves, exploring the ultimate wildlife and many more.
  • The rich manifoldness of flora and fauna for watching wildlife in Andasibe Mantadia national park, from where you will find the famous Madagascar unique baboon. People should take the guide throughout to explore the lush green forest surroundings.
  • The city Antananarivo has a beautiful place which is located near the city called the Royal Hill of Ambohimanga, also it has the UNESCO world heritage site. People have a very unique opportunity to explore the royal city.
  • There is a river cruise which stretches over 600 km which is typically natural or man-made waterways in Madagascar’s east coast. People may have taken a cruise to explore the village.
  • If you want to see unique things you should visit Isalo National park that offers those exciting activities like swimming pool, hiking, and stunning landscapes.

Popular Foods That You Must Try

  • Ravitoto

This is the traditional recipe of Madagascar people which is made up of meat that is grinder and it is cooked with garlic cloves and thick pork, also the sweet cassava leaves are used into it, although in other societies coconut milk is used to cook that leaves.

  • Romazava

This dish is made up from meat and edible leaves. After golden fried the chicken, cut them into large cubes pieces and add onion, garlic, fine chopped tomatoes with a glass of water and cook it for 45 minutes until the water evaporates.

  • Lasary voatabia

This is basically a salad in which chopped fine tomatoes marinated with vinegar to give it an amazing taste and it will serve as a side dish with every cuisine.

  • Hen’omby Ritra

It is a madagascar dish which is cooked with zebu meat without water, so this dish is a little bit oily but the taste is extremely flavorful, the oil used to make this dish is vegetable oil.

  • Mofo Gasy

Mofo gassy is basically a sweet donut, which mainly Madagascar people have in their breakfast, it is sweet and flavorful. The ingredients used to make it are yeast, flour, sugar and water.

  • Bambara pea

In this city the dry Bambara is cooked along with the pork meat, and it is no other than served with white rice and tomato syrup. This will be the most lovable dish of Madagascar.

Travel Cost

Flight tickets: around $800 to $2000.

Guesthouse and hotels: $2 to $10 per person.

Food: affordable meal costing around $2 to$10 per person

And a luxury meal costing $10 to $30.

Transportation: $30 to $80.

Activities charges: $10 to $50.

Visa Process

  • You have to apply for Madagascar e-visa
  • The cost of a single person for a Madagascar visa is about rupee 837.
  • The processing of the visa is up to 6 business days through the government website.
  • Your visa for Madagascar will be valid for 60 days.
  • You can stay in Madagascar for at least 15 days

Amazing Facts About Madagascar
  • Madagascar has the specialty of founding a high number of species that will be nowhere on the earth, so it is considered as the biodiversity hotspot.
  • Madagascar is the fourth largest island in the world.
  • The unique thing about this island is that it has more than 150 species of chameleons.
  • On the other side of wildlife in Madagascar there is a tree called baobab tree which is continuously 30 meters tall over 1000 years.
  • Where the large number of Muslims, Christians and other religions. Madagascar people follow their own religion.
  • If you are an active person you won’t skip such amazing activities like hiking, climbing, diving etc.
  • In the 1800s there was a Queen Ranavalona who ruled over this city, and she had killed whoever dared to stop her way.

In conclusion, Madagascar is a beautiful and vibrant city with so many unforgettable experiences while doing activities on a beach, exploring through the lush green forest or finding hidden gems. Basically this city is not expensive. You can plan your trip with your family or with your loved ones to enjoy the intricate beauty and culture of this city.

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