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 Complete Tour Guide Of Melbourne

Melbourne is the city of vibrant scenic views and intricate arts, also it is a capital city of Victoria. Although this city has the most beautifully structured parks and stunning architectural sites inspired by the history of Melbourne. Moreover Melbourne has a distinct neighborhoods with basic and stunning artistry and urban experiences, so here in this blog you are going to know about the basic knowledge of Melbourne so you will not regret it after visiting.

Destinations To Experience In Melbourne

  • National gallery of Victoria
National gallery of Victoria
  • National gallery of Victoria is located in Melbourne, Australia.
  • It has plenty of heritage that showcased that magnificent collection of about 70,000 art compositions.
  • This gallery has been divided into two buildings, the first part of the building showcasing the sophisticated art of foreign artists from Europe, Asia and America. The second part is showcasing the aboriginal art and Australian art.
  • The national gallery has the most fantastic and finest art collection in the entire world.
  • Royal Botanic Garden
  • Royal botanic garden is considered as a home of 60,000 plants like rainforest floras, cacti etc.
  • Botanic garden has many small monuments and pillars around the whole site.
  • This botanical garden is the perfect spot for a picnic with your family, friends and with your loved ones.
  • Kids can play with ruin gardens, wetland areas and in between the bamboo forest.
  • This garden is also called a tan track, for joggers who come in morning or evening even anytime.
  • Queen Victoria market
  • This market is taking over 140+ years of legacy. As it is the busiest spot for fresh veggies.
  • This market has many hand-made products that it serves to the customers, also you can find some imported products like clothes, snacks etc.
  • You will get to find some various lifestyles of food, also for women’s some unique and sophisticated jewellery also have good quality handicrafts products.
  • The Victoria market has celebrated various cultural festivals and popular markets that attract millions of visitors each and every year.
  • Melbourne Zoo
Melbourne Zoo
  • Melbourne Zoo is the home of 320 species of wildlife animals .
  • You can see there a lot of animals like tigers, monkeys swinging on branches, a bunch of elephants and many more.
  • You will have a very great time in the zoo, also for your children they will learn about the wildlife and see some unique creators .
  • Melbourne offers you a very Asian and African rainforest and the treetop monkeys.
  • Yarra Valley
Yarra Valley
  • This place is 1.5 drive away from Melbourne to yarra valley, as it gives the most beautiful scenic view.
  • You can watch stunning sunsets, hot air balloon rides and explore local markets and also you must taste the yarra valley chocolate and dairy cheese.
  • You must visit the four pillar distillery and the ice-cream factory.
  • The yarra valley is basically the land of Wurundjeri people but nowadays it is the place of wine and wildlife viewing scenes.

Shopping Spots In Melbourne

  • Emporium Melbourne

This mall has 7 floors and serves extremely fantastic products with 320 stores in it. It has some luxurious international brands like Uniqlo, coach and many more .

Address: the place is in 287 Lonsdale VIC 300O Melbourne, Australia. Timings are: opening on Thursday, Friday 10am to 9pm, or Saturday to Wednesday 10am to 7pm.

  • Chapel street

Basically in chapel street you will experience 2 types of activities: a nightlife or and shopping, you will experience a wide range of retail experiences, and this an opportunity to experience the fashionable side of Melbourne.

Address: this place 4km away from the yarra valley.

  • Flinders lane

This place is a fascinating shopping lane with some extremely great experiences, this market is basically the textile industry from the 19th century. This building has luxurious award winning restaurants with some amazing food along with cafes and bars.

  • South Melbourne market

This is one of the longest running markets in Melbourne in all over 150 years, serving extremely fresh vegetables and fruits with no preservatives. This market also specialises in serving you local fashion, jewellery, toys and many more.

The address is the Melbourne VIC 3205, Australia. Opening times are Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday from 8am to 4pm and on Friday 8am to 5pm.

  • Highpoint shopping Centre

It is the largest shopping mall in Australia, including almost 500 shops in it along with david john and myer. Although you can find beauty cosmetic stores like Chanel, Mecca, etc.

The address of this market is Maribyrnong VIC 3032, Australia.

Nightlife In This Vibrant City

You must do some unique things in Melbourne at night, here are some various tips.

  • You will find above 3000+ live music people, in Melbourne you will find some live concerts in bars, cafes, restaurants and on a street corner. Although you can take advantage and enjoy the night by experiencing these types of concerts.
  • You can visit the Australian music vault at night to experience the amazing DJ experience, beer sipping, and also the artistic art. Moreover this place at the time is quite uninteresting but at night it becomes more exciting and stunning.
  • You should definitely explore the Liverpool street which is divided in two sections, in one you will get to know about drink lists and propaganda posters. They are both very interesting things and your happiness will be doubled. The second one is where you get to know a little bit of history at the new gold mountain. It is a bar which is inspired by the chinatown.
  • At the Lui bar you can experience a beautiful sunset at the 55th floor of it, by having your champagne, virgin mojito or some delicious snacks too. Although this will be an unforgettable experience.
  • It will make it easier if you want to have dinner at midnight. All the restaurants are ready to welcome you at that time. Also, the most famous and known restaurants like Italian, Chinese, Japanese and Greek dining restaurants are ready to serve you.
  •  The Everleigh, the world’s toppest bar, for pool and table fun and jukebox there is a bar called heartbroken. You should visit there at night, if you find it relatable.
  • One night you would definitely spend in Uber-cool jazz club.
  • One of the best rock bars you should visit at night in Melbourne is “Cherry”.
Famous Restaurants & Hotels


QT Melbourne

Price – $400 to $700

Room type – loft king room, QT corner king room.

Facility – car parking, Gymunism, bar.

W Melbourne

Price – $279 to $8,000

Room type – all type

Facility – baggage room, cafe, bar, business meetings room, car parking area, swimming pool, free wifi.

Hilton Melbourne little queen street

Price –  $280 to $380

Room type – king size guest room

Facility –  bar, laundry, Gymunism, car parking, restaurant, swimming pool.

Adelphi Hotel

Price – $255 to $1,000

Room type –  premium king bedroom

Facility – 24/7 reception, bar, laundry, car parking.

Grand Hyatt Melbourne

Price – $325 to $1,000

Room type – spa king room, grand suite room.

Facility – secure parking, spa, tennis court, non smoking area, laundry, swimming pool, conference room.


  • ARU
  • Amaru
  • Ides
  • Di Stasio Citta
  • Kazuki’s
  • Lee ho fook
  • Flower drum.
  • These are the best restaurants for all cuisine types.

Some Amazing Facts About Melbourne

  • Melbourne is the most vibrant, busiest and loveable city.
  • Melbourne has boosted up the tram network with approximately 250 kilometres of double track.
  • Melbourne is also called a sporting city, as it has a cricket stadium, and tennis championship held in Melbourne park.
  • Melbourne is known for its coffee culture because it has the speciality of coffee in cafes, restaurants.
  • Melbourne is renowned for its vibrant and fascinating street arts, with a rich art of culture, languages and cuisines.
  • Explore some narrow laneways and arcade to reach out for some hidden gems like bars, cafes etc.
  • The one and the oldest market with open air in Melbourne is Queen Victoria market. You should definitely visit it.
  • This city is basically known for its culture and art events which showcase the actual talents of the people.

In conclusion, Melbourne is the most vibrant city, with amazing and sophisticated places. You will definitely enjoy the nightlife of this vibrant city, it will definitely blow your mind. At least make a trip of 10 days to explore it completely. I think you will not regret it later.

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