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Travel to Australia

Travel To Australia: A Journey To The Land Of Opera House

Australia is the sixth largest country in the total area surrounded by authentic natural beauty of natural landscape, high spirited cities or rich cultural heritage. Although we can say that Australia is the must visit place for travel enthusiasts, who love to travel a lot, for them it is the best place for travelling and exploring. However, if we talk about its location, it is located in the southern hemisphere. This country has vast desserts, bumpy mountains which look absolutely stunning. Moreover it has the world’s largest coral reef system, which stretches over 2,300 kilometers long. It has some rich oral traditions and different cultural practices that are still celebrated today as well. Although Australia is divided into some industries such as mining, agriculture and manufacturing services. However in this blog you will get to know more about Australia in different ways, and i hope it will help you out.

Australia At A glance

  • Capital – Canberra
  • Area – total area: (7,688,287) km, (2,968,464) sq. m. Water: as per the estimation of 2015 it is (2.79%).
  • Currency – dollar $
  • Population – as per the estimation of 2021 the population is 25,890,773. Overall there are 25 million people.
  • Language – the official language of Australia is English.
  • Climate – there are diverse climates such that in December to February its summer, March to May the climate changes into autumn, or June to August it will be winter and September to November is spring.

Things To Do In Australia

  • Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road is the most beautiful and scenic road which is located in victoria, you will get to see some stunning views because this road is probably near the big blue ocean, which definitely gives you that outstanding view.

For especially nature lovers and bike riders, this is the best place to visit or definitely you will have the best experience after visiting. Obviously you can come with your family, with your partner and with your loved ones.

Things to do in it: you can definitely do camping, beach activities, hiking and wildlife exploration.

  • Kakadu National Park
Great Ocean Road

This place has a world heritage site, also a wildlife experience place, also this is the largest national park in australia. Here you can experience some vast landscape like lush green forest with the ecosystem support of flora and fauna, including rare endemic species. Also the most unique thing about this is it is home to 2,000 different species. Okay so this is the most favourite place for those who love wildlife and for nature lovers also.

Things to do: you can do birdwatching here, go to Jim jim falls and also do wildlife spotting.

  • Uluru

This is one of the largest standing stores in the whole world, gives you an insane view, as it is also a very important destination and tourist place in australia. This standing stone is 348 metres high and 1,142 feet and distance between starting to an end is 9.4 kilometres. Although you can experience a wonderful thunder effect or sunsets here also. You will definitely love this place.

Things to do: the things you can do here are tribal tours, viewing beautiful sunsets and other scenic landscapes.

  • Heide museum of modern art
Heide museum of modern art

This is the most stunning modern museum with such contemporary and beautiful arts, which is dedicated to the modern world. If we talk about the location it is located in Bulleen, victoria, australia, also this is the major part of australian tourism, we must say it is one of the most visited places for people, you will come with your children to learn something new in this about art and literature. In today’s time there are more than 6,000 art works.

Things to do: you will get to experience the major history of Australia, and get the mesmerised experience.

  •  Harbor Bridge

This bridge is considered as an iconic bridge of Australia, as you will get to experience some iconic views from it. This bridge is 134 m above from the harbor which is called “The coat Hanger”. As it is very famous for its iconic views that you will get, the engineers have been praised for making such an iconic bridge. This bridge is very strong to carry through the wait of tons of vehicles and the stopped traffic. And the most iconic part of this bridge is it has eight traffic lanes and two railway tracks for facilitating the movement of tourists alike.

Things to do: if you want to climb the bridge you can climb it but with the help of a guide, after that you can visit the museum which is on the southeastern pier.

  • Sydney Opera house
Sydney Opera house

Sydney opera house is the iconic global peace all around the world, which has its iconic identity. This place is also called the master of architectural sites of the century, the format of this opera house is like a standing ship with such an iconic structure on it. This opera hall consists of various programs like concert hall, programs and drama theatre, also it is a home of several residents and companies.

Things to do: you should definitely enjoy the Australian meal, or you can take a short tour of their building, theatre and exhibition rooms.

  •  Carlton Garden

This iconic and old garden is located in Melbourne, considered as the most beautiful and iconic garden of that time, it was built in the 18th century with some green water holes also which will offer you the hustle and bustle of urban life. This site is a world UNESCO heritage site. Nowadays some various exhibitions, events and cultural events are held in this Carlton Garden.

Things to do: you will get to experience the beautiful flower bed on the road, or visit the near Melbourne museum.

Things To Do In Australia

  • You can experience the island tour with your own yacht.
  • If you want to explore the continent, you can definitely take a train ride.
  • You should definitely make a plan to Sydney to see the New Year’s eve fireworks.
  • Take a cruise to explore the Kimberley.
  • If you want some adventure you should definitely try roller coaster rides and water slides on the Gold coast.
  • The one more thing you can experience is diving with the great white sharks in Port Lincoln.
  • You can watch turtles hatch in Queensland.
  • You will definitely get to see kangaroo islands.
  • The Kakadu
  • The great Barrier Reef
  • Whitsunday Island National Park.
  • Should travel Perth
  • You should the Blue Mountains
  • The village of Coober Pedy
  • Visit the Broken Hill, a legendary town.

In conclusion, we must say that Australia is a very vast country with such beautiful places and landscapes. Tourists will love to visit and explore it. As we must say, Australia will not disappoint you anyway. You can definitely come with your family, with your partner and along with your loved ones. We must say Australia gives you the wealth experience for travellers as well as for residents alike it will definitely make an unforgettable experience.

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