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Amarnath Yatra- A Trip Towards Divinity

Amarnath is the most beautiful place, located in union territory of Jammu and Kashmir. Basically this place is considered as the worship place of lord Shiva where thousands of tourists visit here from across the world. Those visitors do trekking to reach the Amarnath cave called “Amarnath yatra”.

If you know that Amarnath cave is accessible during the Shravan months basically in July-August, there are only two routes available that are Baltal and Pahalgam. you must know that your journey takes approx 3-5 days of trekking to reach Amarnath cave. you should visit this place as you will feel the divine and Mesmerising surroundings of Amarnath.

Routes For Amarnath Dham Yatra

  • One route you can use is

Baltal to Amarnath that is Baltal to Domali to Barari to Sangam to the destination Amarnath cave, as this is the shortest route to reach Amarnath cave.

  • second route you can use is

Pahalgam to Amarnath cave that is Pahalgam to Chandanwadi to Pissu top to zoji bal to naga koti to Sheshnag to Warbal to Mahagunas top to Pabibal to Panchtarni to Sangam and then the final destination Amarnath cave.

This is the longest route to reach there and most of the route used by tourists. The distance between Pahalgam to the cave is approx 36 to 47 km.

How to Register for Amarnath Yatra

  • For online registration you can do it from this website jksasb.nic.in.
  • You must go through with the instruction for registration.
  • Properly fill the details that are shown on your registration form.
  • You must upload your valid ID proof with photograph and medical certificate.
  • Now you can submit the form and download the form for printout to keep it with yourself.
  • For future requirements you have to save your yatra permit in your phone.

Safety Guidelines For Amarnath Yatra

  • During your yatra you must wear an RFID card around your neck.
  • None of the people can cross the Amarnath cave gate without an RFID card.
  • It is compulsory to have your valid health certificate which is issued by authorised doctors.
  • You may register offline also by visiting these branches of SBI, JK Bank, Yes Bank and PNB.
  • Before you come to do yatra, you should walk at least 4-5 km daily and consult your doctors about the health update.
  • Don’t come to do yatra without woollen clothes, shoes, Aadhar card, RFID card, raincoat, etc.
  • People who are above 70 or children’s who below 13 and women who are 6 months pregnant are not allowed to enter into pilgrimage.
  • If you have BSNL, JIO or AIRTEL SIM it only works in yatra area, however you can buy prepaid sim card from Baltal camp.
  • While doing yatra please relax and take intervals in between to prevent sickness or discomfort.
  • keep your packed food or other items in suitable water proof bags.
  • For womens please avoid saree during trek, you must wear comfortable wear for your own comfort.
  • Don’t start your yatra empty stomach.
  • Don’t take any kind of harmful appliances like knives, revolvers or anything.
  • Don’t go to the place that has a warning notice on it.
  • When you reach the cave , don’t throw coins, chunni or any kind of material on holy lingam.
  • Don’t take a short cut route, only take valid and walk on route.


The temperature of Amarnath in July is between 18 degrees and 29 degrees along with 65% pf humidity. Moreover, in August the average temperature is between 17 degrees and 29 degrees. Moreover, in July or August is the best time to visit Amarnath cave.


The overall budget of your Amarnath yatra includes all the accommodation, transport, food or other miscellaneous expenses, so your yatra will cost about Rs 25,000 to 50,000 per person.

By road: The cost of the whole package by road to Amarnath yatra is only 20,000 to 30,000 per person including their meal preferences and the booking of hotels for 9 to 10 days of trip.

By Helicopter: The total cost of the helicopter package for your Amarnath yatra is between INR 35,000 to 50,000 per person. you should check the availability and the rates would be in budget and also stay updated with the weather conditions.

Facilities At Amarnath Dham



  • There will be some various tents and camps private or government which includes sleeping arrangements, blankets and some basic requirements.

Base camp

  • They can offer you meal accommodation by doing langar for yatri people and the guest house is also available in Pahalgam village.

Medical Facility

  • During the time of yatra they will provide you with charitable consumptions, medical services with proper staff and doctors.
  • They may also provide oxygen cylinders and emergency treatment if any of the people feel heavy sickness during the yatra time.

Food & Water

  • during your yatra you will find out some free meals that serve to the devotees
  • They also provide drinking water on intervals.


  • There will be toilets available in the base camps and in between your route.
  • don’t worry because the toilets are managed by the authorities and take care of cleanliness.


  • there will be a regular police force or security force for proper security of visitors.
  • There will be regular patrolling in the yatra area or on the main site.
Amarnath Yatra: Some Amazing Facts
  • It is believed that devotees say that lingam grows during the holy months of shravan.
  • The climate condition of the cave is that it is almost completely frozen most of the year.
  • If you go to Amarnath cave you may observe that ice takes natural formations that resemble gods and goddesses.
  • The route of Amarnath cave is quite complex in that people have to cross icy rivers and risky mountains, which test the devotees faith and courage.
  • people came here from all over the world just to seek blessings and attain some learning.
  • If you may believe in spirituality you can relate the cave to vedic connections, as it is considered as an archeological site.
  • medical and emergency facilities should be provided to you throughout your journey.
  • you don’t have to worry about anything because there will be military security for the pilgrims.

In conclusion, you should visit this beautiful and divine destination Amarnath, to seek blessings of lord shiva. This will be quite risky for trek but if you take proper instruction of preparation you can do it easily. You can go here with your family members but if you are with a toddler then you should avoid it because there will be no entry with children who are below 13,  otherwise you may definitely enjoy the trip.

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