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Best Places to visit in delhi

Best Places To Visit In Delhi


Let’s Discover the best places to visit in Delhi, the capital of India and its known for its rich history and amazing city as well as cultural heritage. The special about Delhi that it’s an important significance of cultural hubs, commercial transport as well as the political center of India. The city Delhi is actually consisting of two components old Delhi and new Delhi. The Delhi city experiences a multiple climate with extreme summers, frigid winters, and a monsoon season. Delhi is well-connected through an extended network of railways, roads and airways, with the biggest Indira Gandhi International Airport serving as one of the busiest airports in India. If you want to explore something different place or want to try different types of food you should come to Delhi, but Delhi sometimes suffers from urbanization problem such as pollution and traffic still People of all ages can enjoy in Delhi as they could definitely found to compliments their interest . Some popular beach destinations that can be reached from Delhi include those in Goa, which is approximately a two-hour flight away, or beaches in Gujarat such as Diu or Daman, which can be reached by air or train.

Although Delhi is such a dynamic and vibrant city where history prime blends with modernity with unique and unforgettable experiences.


 Area:  Delhi is surrounding by the states of Uttar Pradesh and Haryana and Delhi has an area of 1,483 sq. kilometers.

Height above the sea level: The height is approximately 216 meters (709 feet) above sea level.

Climate: The temperature is regularly exceeding 40degree b/w April and June and below 5 degrees in December and January.

Number of Assembly: There are 70 assembly seats in Delhi.

Number of Lok Sabha:  7 Lok Sabha constituencies in Delhi.

Number of districts: There are total 11 districts in Delhi.

Number of divisions: In Delhi there are total 33 sub-divisions.

Religions: Hinduism has 80.21% followers in Delhi, Islam has 12.78% followers , Christianity is followed by 0.96%, Jainism by 1.39% followers in Delhi, Sikhism by 4.43% and at last Buddhism by 0.12%.

Number of languages: There are more than 80% of people who speaks Hindi and the remaining population prefers to speak Urdu, Punjabi, English, Bengali and others.

Main political parties: The Bhartiya Janta party (BJP), Aam Admi party (AAP), Indian national congress (INC).

Population: As per the estimation of 2023 the population of Delhi is about 35 million people.

GDP:  The advance estimation of Delhi GDP as per during the current price (2022-23) is Rs1043759 crore.


Popular Tourist Destinations In Delhi


museum of illusions (Connaught Place C.P.) Delhi

The museum of illusions is basically set in motion in CP with the promise of mind-blowing tricks, illusions and captivating exhibits. This museum is located in A- Block inner circle Connaught place. Its definitely a great place to have fun, take amazing photos. You will be very much amazed by the interactive displays that play tricks on you eyes and challenge your perception of reality.

museum of illusion is for Educational components which provide perception into the science behind the illusions, which is making it both entertaining and informative. Whether you’re fascinated by art, interest by psychology, or simply looking for a fun outing, in which the Museum of Illusion offers a unique and unforgettable adventure that sparks curiosity and wonder to the visitors.

Address: This museum is located in A Block, A 30-33 1ST Floor, Rajiv Chowk, Connaught Place, New Delhi 110001

Timings:  Open at 10:00 am to 8:00 pm every day.

Ticket price:

  • Adults – Rs650 (Monday to Friday), Rs690 (Saturday & Sunday)
  • Children’s (3+) – Rs520 (Monday to Friday), Rs 550 (Saturday & Sunday)
  • Sr citizens – Rs500 (Monday to Friday), Rs500 (Saturday & Sunday)

(Discount is allowed for students, and group of citizens)

Main Tourism Attraction:

  • Clone table
  • Building illusion
  • True mirror
  • Infinity wall

(Make your plan to visit accordingly and have a great time experiencing the illusions.)


Lodhi garden is best places to visit in delhi

Lodhi garden is formally known as ‘lady Willingdon park’ and it is the most beautiful park located in New Delhi. This park is situated near khan market which is easily accessible. This park is famous for its greenly and with the wide-open space and historical monument. This garden houses tomb of several rules of Lodhi dynasty, which is back to the 15th century. This park is for locals and tourists who like take rest, take a walk, have a beautiful picnic, or they can enjoy the peaceful surroundings.

Lodhi Garden has also served as a most popular venue for cultural events, art exhibitions, and beautiful photography sessions which is attracting both locals and tourists. Along with its historical significance, natural greeny beauty, and enjoyable opportunities, Lodhi Garden stands as a affectionate landmark and an essential part of Delhi’s cultural heritage.

Address: Lodhi Rd, Lodhi estate, New Delhi 110003.

Lodhi Garden Today:

In today’s time Lodhi garden is one the top of the historical place in Delhi. And it is also a favorite place for local joggers, morning walk peoples, and yoga enthusiastic. This garden is also recommended for picnic spots for family, friends.


  • From April to September – 5:00am to 8:00pm.
  • From October to march – 6:00am to 8:00pm.

Ticket Price:

So, this park is free for all.

Main Tourism Attraction:

  • Green space
  • Birdwatching
  • Sikander Lodhi’s Tomb
  • Mohammed shah’s Tomb
  • Sheesh Gumbad and bara Gumbad 


Humayun’s Tomb is best places to visit in delhi

Humayun’s Tomb is a very beautiful and authentic historical site in Delhi. Humayun’s tomb is a UNESCO world heritage site and one of the finest examples of Mughal architecture. This tomb was built in the 16th century and the serves as the final resting place of emperor Humayun. The architecture of this tomb had done the great detailing on tomb, beautiful gardens, is truly mesmerizing. It’s a must visit place to explore the stunning architecture. The immense details of the tomb’s facades, including delicate carvings and attractive work, reflect the artistic mastery of the Mughal craftsmen of Humayun’s tomb.

Humayun’s Tomb holds a remarkable historical and cultural importance, as it is believed to have influenced to create a design of the iconic Taj Mahal, that is built later during the Mughal era. Which has been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it attracts a lot of visitors from around the world who come to admire its beauty, want to learn about its history, and appreciate its architectural work.

Address:  Hazrat Nizamuddin Aulia Dargah, Mathura rd. Nizamuddin East New Delhi 11013.


  • Morning 6:00am to Evening 6:00pm.

Ticket price:

  • Rs30 (Indian nationals) Rs500 (for foreign nationals) and photography will be free.

Main Tourism Attraction:

  • It will be architectural design
  • History and Heritage
  • Garden
  • Restoration and conservation

Humayun’s Tomb Travel Tips:

  • The best time to visit tomb is just after the sunrise. And you will go also in working days, (it will help you to handle less crowd).
  • The surrounded is very beautiful with the river Yamuna river as its side, pretty and adorable fountains and gardens.

How To Reach:

Humayun’s tomb Nearest the metro station: JLN stadium.

By Metro: to reach Humayun’s tomb the nearest metro station is Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, metro station. Which is the part of line 6 of Delhi Metro.

By Bus: several bus routes are available for Humayun’s tomb you just have to check the local bus schedules and routes to find a bus that stops near the tomb.

By Car: If you are travelling from car to Humayun’s tomb by using GPS navigation maps



The term akshardham has combination of two meanings akshar means ‘eternal’ and Dham means ‘adobe’ Akshardham temple of Delhi is one of the most pretty and allure attraction in Delhi where one can witness the beauty of enchant with more than 234 fascinating carved pillars, 9 elaborate domes, 20 quadrangle spires and 20000 spiritual personalities from India.

Akshardham temple is basically known as a spiritual complex in new Delhi and it is a most popular Hindu temple . This beautiful temple was constructed in the year 2005 at Noida region of new Delhi.

The Akshardham Temple is not only a place of worship but it is also a cultural and very spiritual center that initiate peace, harmony, elegance and traditional values. It attracts thousands of visitors every year, and offering them a serene and illuminating experience which amidst the chaos of Delhi.

Address:  It is in Noida mor, pandav nagar, new Delhi 110092.

Timings:  closed on Monday

Tuesday to Sunday: 10:00am to 6:30pm

Their Exhibition tickets:

  • For adults – Rs170
  • For senior citizens – Rs125
  • Child (4-11) years – Rs100
  • Child (below 4 years) – No Fee

What To Experience:

  • Spiritual serenity: Upon entering the temple intricacy, people visit there and enveloped in a sense of tranquility and spiritual ambiance. The temple’s atmosphere will provide an opportunity for contemplation and reflection.
  • Neelkanth Varni Abhishek is a holly spiritual tradition in which prayers are offered for our self, family and friends with the water of 151 holy rivers, lakes, ponds of India.

Main Tourism Attraction:

  • The cultural boat rides
  • Musical fountain show or water show
  • Abhishek mandap
  • Premvati ahargruh: vegetarian Food Court
  • Gardens and Lawns
  • The domes



Qutab Minar is one of the tallest brick minarets in the world which is 73 meters tall. This mosque made up of red and buff sandstone. Which is located in mehrauli South Delhi. Qutab minar is a UNESCO world heritage site. The construction of Qutab Minar is began in 1199 by Qutb-ud-din Aibak, he is the founder of Delhi sultanate and it was further continued by his son-in-law, Iltutmish. This mosque gave the Indian aesthetic. The styles of this architecture. It is true that Delhi city tour is incomplete without visiting the Qutab minar.

These innocent arches pillars are telling the glory of the rulers who ruled over this land with the great memorial pillar. Qutab minar is a symbol who served as a symbol of Muslim rule in India and it was originally celebrated the victory of Delhi sultanate over the last Hindu kingdom in Delhi.

Address: Qutab minar is located in Seth Sarai, Mehrauli new Delhi 110030

Timings: open all days of a week

(Monday to Sunday) 7:00am to 5:00pm


  • For Indians – Rs30
  • For Foreigner tourists – Rs500
  • There is no fee for children who is below (15 years)
  • Rs 25 for still camera (for non-commercial use)

Main Tourism Attraction:

  • Iron pillar
  • Educational knowledge
  • Unique architecture
  • Alai Darwaja
  • Quwwat-ul-Islam mosque

How to Reach:

  • Metro: Delhi metro is one of the easiest ways to reach Qutab minar. Yellow line is the nearest metro station of Qutab minar.
  • by cab/taxi: you can hire a taxi and ask him to drop Qutab minar, it is easy to reach because the monument is well connected to roads.
  • by bus: there are several DTC in which many buses provide services to reach Qutab minar. you just have to check the schedules.

In conclusion, Delhi stands as a vibrant variety of history, culture and modernity, which offering visitors a beautifully captivating blend of ancient heritage and contemporary energy. As the capital city of India Delhi holds a huge significance as a political, cultural, and economic hub. Its rich historical legacy is proof in the number of monuments, forts and temples that dot the aerial view, including iconic landmarks such as the Red Fort, Qutub Minar and Humayun’s Tomb. These architectural marvels monuments serve as touching reminders of Delhi’s memorable past and its status as a seat of power for successive blood lines.

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