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argyle falls-Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad And Tobago – The hidden gems of South America

They both are the Republic state of Caribbean, America, it contains two islands called Trinidad and Tobago and other 20 small islands in it. Trinidad is the biggest island in all of America, and these two famous islands are the closest continent of South America. Although people have to dream of visiting the island as it is the most peaceful and vibrant place for spending some time with your family and with your loved ones. Basically the north region of this site, you will find a large number of waterfalls to enjoy the scenic view of it. These two states have a musical landscape during the carnival season. So let’s buckle up for the trip to these two beautiful islands and let’s get ready to take lifelong experiences.

 Trinidad And Tobago At A Glance

Capital: The capital is the port of Spain.

Official language: English

Area: 1,850 sq. miles and 4,800 square km.

Religion: Hinduism – 24.4%

             Christianity – 63.4%

             Islam – 6.4%

             No religion – 3.2%

             Others – 3.4%

Government: Unitary parliamentary republic

Population: as per the estimate of 2022 the population 1,405,646.

GDP: estimation of 2023 the gdp rate was $27.887 billion.

Currency: Dollar

Driving seat: left.

Cool Places To Visit In Trinidad

  • Caroni bird sanctuary
Caroni bird sanctuary

It is the largest mangrove wetland in the whole American country where you will find around 100 types of bird species. The person who is a nature lover and loves birdwatching will definitely take a visit to this place. Although this place has a big lake that allows you to take a ride to explore its beautiful surroundings. Moreover this is the must visit place in Trinidad in your vacation.

  • Maracas Bay
Maracas Bay

It is located on the northern side of Trinidad, you can drive from the port of Spain with a distance of 40 km to reach. This is one of the most beautiful beaches that is close to the city with golden sand and turquoise water, and the most important thing is that this beach has showers or changing rooms also so you don’t have to struggle with it, or if you are looking for short day to spend this place is definitely for you.

  • Mount St. Benedict Monastery
Mount St. Benedict Monastery

This is the northern range of hills with some sophisticated views and most intricate landmarks you will get to see there. Moreover the independence and hospitality to the strangers is unique and moreover hiking and birdwatching is the most exciting thing to do while visiting this beautiful mount. You will see religious farms, buildings, a guesthouse and many more things which are going to be unforgettable experiences.

  • Port of Spain
Port of Spain

This is the capital city of Trinidad and Tobago with a sophisticated and the most busiest and bustling city in America. Although you will get to see economical and cultural hubs which perfectly offer you the rich culture and heritage or modernity. You can also visit Queen’s park savannah and national museum and art gallery. These are the most famous places while you are in port of Spain.

Explore Popular Destinations In Tobago

  • Pigeon point Beach
Pigeon point Beach

This place is located on the southwest coast of Tobago, offering the best scenic view with turquoise blue water with various sports activities you can enjoy at Tobago. In this beautiful beach the sunset you will see is breathtaking, although along with your ticket price you will get parking, bars, beach activities, eateries etc. for the family who is travelling with their children will get the lifeguards also while swimming.

  • Argyle falls
Argyle falls

This is the most top-notch adventure while hiking up through these beautiful falls with sophisticated views and fall experience. There are mainly many stops at this waterfall. Also, you can experience it on the first stop. The first fall pool is 18f deep so you can take that scenic view from there also if you don’t want to go up for more. A guided tour is also an option if you are travelling alone for parking and other things you can take a guided tour also for this Argyle falls.

  • Nylon pool
Nylon pool

You will get an unforgettable swimming experience with the cleared blue water and also increase your self excitement to go there. You will fall in love after seeing this nylon pool. After taking a bath in this pool your skin will feel soft and fresh without disturbing the ecosystem. You will experience bathing in the middle of the sea. This beach is the perfect destination for the families who come with their children as they take the bath in clear, flourishing water and children will experience the transparent glass bottom boat.

  • The Tobago museum and fort of king George
The Tobago museum and fort of king George

This is one of the most famous historical places in Tobago, as it was built in the 1780s. Although it is known as the most untouched fort on this island. This fort has the best view and lovely spots like lush greenery, old trees and some unique and beautiful plantations. This fort is the oldest fort of the island and because it is hidden people rarely find it out, that’s why it is the most preserved fort.

You Can Also Plan For These Places
  • You should visit the north coast road to experience the surroundings, although this is squeezed between the Caribbean sea and northern range.
  • If you want to do hiking you should go to the Northern region, some trial places should be Guanapo Gorge, La Laja.
  • You should visit Carapichaima for carnival festivals, although it was a prime sugar territory with the swaying of sugar cane.
  • Visit during that season in which you will get the opportunity to see the turtle laying eggs.
  • Tribango cuisine is the combination of Indian, Chinese and Latin American is a top highlight in any of the island.
  • The absolutely must visit thing is to experience the carnival festivals of Trinidad and Tobago with thousands of fellow revellers.
Popular Foods That You Will Never Miss
  • Creole lunch

It is a non-vegetarian dish made with chicken, pieces of beef or okara and coconut.

  • Chow

It is a very different dish you will eat on the island made up of some chopped pineapple, mango that is marinated with lime juice, pepper and garlic, the best thing to eat on a beach.

  • Gyros

This dish is continuously in run from 20th century, that made up from mash meat wrap it in a petra beard and make it as a roll and served it with salad.

  • Macaroni pie

Macaroni pie is made up of loaded cheese, coconut milk and onion which look like American mac-n-cheese. Although it tastes heavenly and delicious.

Travel Cost

  • The flight ticket will be something $800 to $2000.
  • You have to pay for hotels between $50 to $200.
  • The Cost of affordable means is for $5 to $15 and for luxury experience it costs up to $20 to $50.
  • The transportation cost is between $10 to $50.
  • The activities you will be going to do cost $10 to $50.

Visa Process

So it is necessary to enter with a visa in Trinidad and Tobago, but the visa fees have changed from time to time so that you can check on high commission or the embassy of india for up-to-date information. The documents you require are a valid passport, proof of your funds. Your trip will be approximately $50 to $100 USD.

Amazing Facts About Trinidad And Tobago
  • Steel pan is the national musical instrument of Trinidad and tobago. As it was invented in the 20th century.
  • Basically Trinidad and Tobago is the birthplace of carnival festivals of history.
  • The religious festival of hindus “diwali” is also celebrated in western hemisphere of these islands.
  • With all types and sizes of fish along with turtles, you will see the largest coral brain in the whole world in tobago.
  • These islands are the most chocolate award winning places.
  • The most fairing ocean is in these two islands, Trinidad and tobago.
  • Pitch lake in Trinidad is the home of the world largest natural deposit of asphalt.

In conclusion, Trinidad and Tobago is the two most beautiful islands which offers an intricate view and picturesque moment, with turquoise blue and clear water will be the most sophisticated thing you have ever experienced in your life. So let’s pack your bags and get ready to take a tour to your favourite islands.

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