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How To Plan A Trip To Jaisalmer With Family

Jaisalmer is basically a place of “Hill Fort of Jaisal ” also called a golden city or the city of lakes just like we called Jaipur as a “Pink city”. You will find various ancient forts in Jaisalmer or this is one of the most beautiful cities of ancient time, moreover this is the last largest city in Rajasthan which is near India-Pakistan. Jaisalmer has a wide desert which looks really beautiful and sophisticated. If you know that Jaisalmer is one of the most visited places by tourists, thousands of people come from all over the world to admire the beauty of this beautiful ancient city and explore the golden honey sandstone forts as well.

Choosing The Right Time To Visit

If you want to explore Jaisalmer you may come in between October to March, in these months the temperature is moderate between 10 degree to 27 degrees, as you know it is a desert city so if you come in winter months it will be the best for you to explore this city.

Duration Of The Trip

Basically if you are planning to visit Jaisalmer only 2 or 3 days are sufficient for exploring which is totally your choice of matter, in which you can spend 2 nights in the town and 1 night you can experience a camp in the desert to admire the desert beauty at night and your experience will be unbelievable.


  • Casa De Kaku Jaisalmer

the price will be INR 12,500 per night

ratings are 8.8/10

  • Hotel Antra Inn

The price will be INR 5,200 per night.

ratings are 8.0/10.

  • Hotel Lal Garh Fort and Palace

the price will be 1,999 per night

ratings are 9.4/10.

  • Hotel Rawalkot Jaisalmer

the price will be INR 6,300 per night

ratings are 8.4.

  • Ozaki Desert Camp

The price will be INR 3,039.29 per night

The ratings are 8.8.

  • Golden Haveli

The price will be INR 7,000 per night

The ratings are 8.2.

  • Hotel Fifu

the price will be 2,450 per night

ratings are 8.7

So i have recommended you the best and some luxurious hotels where you can spend your nights at.

Historical Importance

 As we know that Jaisalmer fort was built in the creation of Rawal Jaisal the Bhatti Rajput warriors. So there were a massive war between the Mughals of Delhi, Bhatti’s and the Rathore’s of Jaipur, as you might not know that Jaisalmer is the important trading city for centuries, although many of the places in Jaisalmer admiring with with carved stone which add the complex beauty of ghostly sites. Although one day one of the Yadav clan a servant of Raja Rawal went Jaisalmer to seek the blessings of Siege Eesul, who early said that Lord Krishna’s predictions and possibilities on Siege’s advice then Raja Jaisal shifted this capital from Lodhruva and the form the city Jaisalmer.

Cultural Beauty

Jaisalmer offers you the rich culture and festivals era with traditional legacy, wherever you will visit Jaisalmer you will find out that there has some dynamic lifestyle there is a difference in people clothes and how they carry Themselves in it, they have different food, religious festivals where Jaisalmer people celebrate their cultural enthusiasm and hospitality. A famous dance of Rajasthani people is Kalbeliya dance performance which perfectly reflects their culture.

Tourist Attractions In Jaisalmer
  • Gadisar lake
Gadisar lake Jaisalmer

Gadisar lake is the most beautiful and perfect place for those who want to escape crowd and seeking peace, as you may know that in 14th century Gadisar lake is the main source of water for whole city, but now it will become as an attraction where you can do boating and enjoy the scenic surroundings of the majestic city Jaisalmer.

  • Jaisalmer fort
 Jaisalmer fort

This is the largest and huge sandcastle fort in Jaisalmer with intricate Rajasthani architecture. This fort is the largest living fort situated in India with 500 people and this place is also a UNESCO world heritage site, in this fort there are so many entry gates like Ganesh pol, Suraj temple, Jain temple, cannon point and some intricate attractions inside the fort.

  • Sam Sand Desert
Sam Sand Desert Jaisalmer

This is the most stunning and ethnic desert site that offers you the most intricate and sophisticated view of the desert or you can enjoy the safari ride or camel ride here. Although you can come here with your family and friends or enjoy the famous Folk dance, Musical nights and Rajasthani food which perfectly showcases the rich cultural tapestry.

  • Jaisalmer war museum
Jaisalmer war museum

This historical museum of Jaisalmer was created by the Indian army with the memorable display of bravery and sacrifices of the military force in the war between India and Pakistan in 1965. From the war, the Indian army collected some guns, tanks and military vehicles for the memorial and it will be exceptional so they put those things into a museum so people can come here and know about the bravery history of Jaisalmer.

  • Manan chowk
 Manan chowk

Manan chowk offering you the excellent craftsmanship of Rajasthani intricate designs and artists, as this is the popular shopping place so if you want to buy some silver authentic Jewellery, Rajasthani clothes and some other products with such affordable prices so you should definitely come this place to admire the beauty of Manan chowk and buildings around this chowk.

How To Get Here

If you are travelling by train from Delhi railway station which is Corbett park link express to reach Jaisalmer which starts at 4:30 pm and drops you by 10:00 pm at night.

The payment for sleeper is Rs 475, Rs 1280 3AC and Rs 1840 2AC.

 If you want to reach by flight, there are several flights which operate from Delhi Airport to Jaisalmer and the distance will take approx. 4 hours.

 If you want to reach by road, so it will be quite amazing tour from Delhi to Jaisalmer because you may visit some stunning tourists site where you don’t plan to visit and that is


By road the distance will be 800 km.

In conclusion, Jaisalmer is the most beautiful ancient place to explore, while admiring its intricate forts and experiencing the cultural beauty along with different kinds of Rajasthani food, take part in dance festivals and many more cultural events that you should definitely not to miss. This will be the best trip you have ever dreamt of. So let’s pack your bags and take a sophisticated tour to Jaisalmer with your loved ones.

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