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Puri Travel Guide

Ultimate Guide For Travel To Puri Jagannath Temple

One of the most sacred pilgrimage site among Chardham, Puri Jagannath Temple, Odisha is the soul of Indian spiritual belief, Puri has something different vibe with a rich source of natural resources. Basically Odisha state is located in the northeastern part of the country. In the earliest time Odisha was called as the name of Utkal the land of Lord Jagannath. Odisha is famous for its different kinds of religious fairs, festivals, handicrafts items, clothes, green woodlands and rock caves, as it helps to attract visitors from all over the world. If you are planning to visit Odisha, you will definitely enjoy this trip. You will experience the natural beauty of nature and some heritage sites and stunning beaches.

Which Is The Best Time To Travel To Puri Jagannath Temple?

Puri is also a very beautiful place with such stunning destinations and incredible beaches, although the main Jagannath Temple, the land of Lord Krishna, is also located in Puri. Moreover, you might not know that Odisha temperature is always moderate as there is always the summer temperature, so it doesn’t matter in which month you are going to visit, you can go there whenever you are convenient for it.

How To Travel To Puri?

Firstly, if you are travelling via Train, the destination you have to stop in the capital of Odisha Bhubaneshwar. You can stay there one day to explore some places there like Ram Temple, Lingaraj Temple dedicated to lord Shiva, Elephant Cave and Zoo. So after staying in Bhubaneswar you may book a taxi or hire a bus to Puri.

From Delhi

Firstly, you can take a ticket of any express train as they offer several trains to Bhubaneswar, after that when you reach the capital state of Odisha, you can stay there for one day to explore the surroundings of Bhubaneswar.

Next day you can take a bus from Bhubaneshwar to Puri which takes approximately 2 hours to reach.

Is The Lodging Facility Well in Puri?

The lodging facility is too good in Puri, you will get affordable as well as luxury stay at Puri depending upon your mood and your budget. If you include all your accommodation or transportation, activities then your budget will be INR 5,000 to INR 10,000 per person for only 2-3 days so plan according to that.

Is There Any Shoe And Mobile Stands Near Jagannath Temple?

You will get all the facilities for storing your mobile phones, shoes and other unnecessary things near Jagannath Temple administration near the Lion Gate of Temple or you can store your things near Jagannath Temple Office.

You can put all your items in a poly bag and hand it over to the stand authorities and then they will provide you a ticket, after the time you are returning you can give back your ticket to them and take your articles.

The things you should avoid at Temple are Tobacco, Plastics, Phones, Short dresses instead you can wear saree or suit.

Is There Any Information Centre Near Jagannath Temple?

Yes, there are many information centres near Jagannath temple which is located at the (Main gate) called as Lion gate, another one is near the Gundicha temple (Main gate) and another one at Bhubaneswar Jayadev Bhawan (Main gate). You can deliver all your information if you are feeling inconvenience or something else to them as they will help with that.

What Are The Famous Places In Puri?

There are so many places to visit in Puri, but here are few of them which are the most famous places you may explore.

  • Jagannath Temple in Puri, Odisha
Jagannath Temple in Puri, Odisha

Jagannath temple is the heart of Odisha, with its marvelous architecture and traditional work on the walls of the temple. If you will see the walls with the focus you will understand the tapestry of the walls and that is incredible to watch. For darshan at the Jagannath temple you may have to be in a line or you can make a VIP pass to enter. On the other hand if you want to avoid crowds you can come for darshan early in the morning around 4:00 am or 5:00 am, at that time you will get the best darshan as well as get the aarti. 

  • Puri Beach in Puri, Orissa
Puri Beach in Puri, Orissa

Puri sea beach is one of the most stunning and clean beach in Puri, offering you an intricate picturesque view of the golden sand, clear water with some adventurous sports, one thing you will not get on this beach is water sports activity but there is Giant Wheel on the beach where you can take a ride on it and other children’s sports to enjoy, otherwise you can enjoy the scenic view of the beach with sunset and having the street food.

  • Atharnala Bridge Puri, Odisha
Puri Beach in Puri, Orissa

The Atharnala bridge is the most famous place for worship to Lord Krishna, to make your wishes fulfil, you might know that this place is located on the north side of Puri with the direction of planet ruler Kuber. As it believed that 18 is a very auspicious number, in Bhagavad Gita it has 18 chapters, 18 Puranas and the book of Mahabharat also has 18 chapters as its result if you do parikrama of this bridge so this will be equal to read those holy books. So this place is famous for visitors.

  • Chilika Lake in Puri, Odisha
Chilika Lake in Puri, Odisha

Chilika lake is the most stunning and scenic destination in Puri, although Chilika lake has brackish water lagoons in whole Asia. This lake basically covers 1100 sq. km, with rich biodiversity of flora and fauna, this lake is the perfect of birdwatching, fishing and dolphin sighting also there is a temple near Chilika lake “Kalijai Temple” as it highly believed that goddess protect fishermen’s of Chilika. So you should visit this place to explore and admire the surroundings.

  • Gundicha Ghar Temple in Puri, Odisha
Gundicha Ghar Temple in Puri, Odisha

Gundicha Ghar temple of the aunt of lord Krishna, as it is also called the Vrindavan of Puri, basically during the time of Rath yatra Gundicha Ghar is the second home of Shree Jagannath and stayed there for at least 7 days and their aunt has welcome these three siblings into their home. 1.5 kilometer is the distance between Jagannath temple and Gundicha temple and this happened in Rath Yatra of Shree Jagannath ji.

How Many Days Are Enough To Travel To Puri?

For Puri there are almost 7 days you can stay there and explore surroundings and destinations, in which 2 days are for travelling from Delhi to Odisha and other 2 days back from Odisha to Delhi. Basically 3 nights and 4 days you can stay there.

In conclusion, Odisha Puri is the must place to visit to seek blessings of three siblings Lord Krishna, Lord Balram and their sister Subhadra. Also Puri offers some famous and beautiful destinations for visitors to explore the surroundings of. So this will be your best trip in Puri, you should definitely make a plan for it.

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