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City Tour Of Chicago

Chicago is the most beautiful destination which is located on Lake Michigan in Illinois. You will get to see some iconic landmarks like John Hancock Centre or Willis Tower and at last neo-Gothic Tribune Tower and many more, although people will love to visit there as they find it one of the most interesting places to visit and spend their holidays. Moreover, Chicago has the world’s greatest museum and conservation of science centre. Most of the tourists come to see and explore these beautiful architectural sites and get to know about the history of Chicago. So in this blog, you will get to know more about Chicago and its beautiful places to visit.

A Quick Snapshot

  • Age of Chicago – 187 years.
  • Founded on – 4 March 1837.
  • Area – is approx. 600 km.
  • Population – with the estimation of 2022 is 26.7 lakhs.
  • Unemployment rate in Chicago – 4.8 according to the estimate of 2024 (January).
  • Mayor of Chicago – Brandon Johnson.

Places To Visit In Chicago

  • Art Institute Of Chicago
Art Institute of Chicago

One of the most famous tourist destinations is the Art Institute of Chicago, as it is considered one of the largest and oldest museums in the whole USA. Although the park was located in Grant Park of Chicago in 1879. In this museum you will find some iconic and noble art pieces of Grant Wood, George Seurat, Pablo and Picasso and last but not least is Edward Hopper and many more, as it is called the most top destination in Chicago.

Tourist Attractions

  • You can explore the history specialists in this iconic museum, which perfectly describes the stunning artwork by well-known and famous artists.
  • This museum is a well-known destination for some scientific studies and the preservation of artwork.
  • you will find out different kinds of art like American art, African art, iconic architectural designs and European paintings and sculptures.
  • This museum showcases the most iconic pieces of artwork, although it is dedicated to shaping the future.
  • Shedd Aquarium
Shedd aquarium

This is the most beautiful aquarium in Chicago as it is an indoor public aquarium, although it has 32000 creatures with 1500 different kinds of fishes, birds, insects, snakes and other water animals. moreover, this water contains Caribbean reef water, amazon rising and the most unique wild reef is available for your proper enjoyment. One more thing about this aquarium is that you can enjoy the aquatic water show in the 4D theatre, or you can enjoy the underwater beauty that perfectly showcases sea life.

Tourists Attraction:

  • If you want to take up the tour of the Caribbean reef, a 90,000-gallon tank gives you a 360-degree tour of underwater reefs.
  • You can see real anacondas and piranhas and crocodiles.
  • You can definitely take the underwater 4-D experience.
  • Another thing of this place is you can enjoy the aquatic show where dolphins dance and vibrate with songs with Shedd experts.
  • Willis Tower
Willis Tower

The Willis Tower is the most unique and attractive tourist destination, as this is the world’s tallest building along with 110 stories and it was available for the public in 1973. This building was renovated in 2009 along with the adding of ledge to it as it extends outwards as a large window which perfectly gives you the panoramic view of the whole Chicago city. This will be the best destination for tourists, you should definitely add this on your list.

Tourist Attractions

  • you can experience a sophisticated view of the whole city of Chicago at the top of the tower along with the river Michigan.
  • It has a glass balcony that is extended extra to take some panoramic views and it will be the best attraction for tourists.
  • Apart from the beautiful views it also represents the interactive exhibits and displays Chicago’s history.
  • You can also enjoy the surroundings of Chicago while taking a cruise tour.
  • 360 Chicago
360 Chicago

The 360 is located in Chicago, as it is considered one of the best tourist destinations for visiting and enjoying the iconic and panoramic views. Although this location platform is located on the 94th level of the John Hancock centre, along with the view of the whole Chicago city it will also serve you the majestic view of Michigan River also the tallest thrill attraction along with it is “The Tilt” you can also experience this site as well. The best thing about visiting this place is you have the advantage of experiencing one place along with two more and this is the best thing for visitors.

Tourist Attractions

  • The most beautiful attraction to explore the 360 view of Chicago, which is the best place for tourists and local people.
  • “The Tilt” is one of the beautiful attractions which is found here.
  • In this place includes the deck’s BAR 94, which serves you the best local drinks.
  • You can enjoy an adventure which helps you to take the proper view of Chicago.
  • Millennium Park
Millennium Park

This is the most sophisticated destination for visiting in Chicago, as you will see the beautiful big bean bag here which is also called a cloud gate as well, this is the perfect spot for tourists to take beautiful pictures and enjoy the moment in front of this cloud gate. Although one more thing about this beautiful place is in Millennium park there have been many movies and TV shows and they also serve as a host for various iconic events such as music festivals and many more. There is also a separate section for kids in which they can do various activities which includes games and fun puzzles.

Tourists Attractions

  • This beautiful park was started in 2004 and it is a well-known civic hub which is near Lake Michigan.
  • This place is the most special place for taking pictures which are portrayed in a number of films and television series.
  • You can enjoy the Grand Park music festivals which are held every year.
  • To spend the best time in Chicago you must see the performances and music concerts which is the best way to spend your evening.

Must Try These Delicious Food In Chicago

  • Rainbow cone

The rainbow cone is one of the best sweet dishes in Chicago, as it is an ice cream with 7 layers including different kinds of fruits like strawberries, chocolate, cherries and flavours.

  • Chicago special hot dog

This is basically the tastiest dish in Chicago which includes a seed bread filled with beef patty and decorated with yellow mustard sauce with chopped onions along with tomatoes with the addition of some peppers and salt, and it is served with fries or anything crispy.

  • Garrett popcorn

If you want to fulfil your evening cravings you should eat some cheesy and buttery popcorn, although they served some flavoured popcorn with four different flavours like caramel, almonds, cashew and Macadamia.

  • Deep dish pizza

This is one of the most local foods of Chicago, as you will find it anywhere there. This pizza is filled with a lot of mozzarella cheese. The top of it is covered with tangy tomato sauce, as the height of the pizza is maximum 3cm and the outer layer is coated with butter with the top-notch taste.

  • A classic cheeseburger

The cheeseburger is the well-known dish of this city and it is different from other normal burgers, as I recommend you should not skip this meal while you are in Chicago. It has a slice of cheese with a thick petty of beef, chicken, even potato for vegetarians, and it tastes yum.

Architectural Wonders: Chicago’s Skyline

No visit to Chicago is complete without experiencing its world-renowned architecture. Embark on a captivating architectural tour along the Chicago River and marvel at the city’s impressive skyline. Admire architectural masterpieces such as the Willis Tower (formerly known as the Sears Tower), the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere, and the neo-Gothic Tribune Tower. Learn about the city’s rich architectural history and the visionaries who shaped its skyline into a breathtaking panorama of glass and steel.

How To Reach Here

From Delhi

Air India is the best flight that will take off from New Delhi to Chicago, as it takes up to 16 hours to reach there. The distance is more than 12,000km.

Best Time to Visit

The perfect time to visit Chicago is between April and May because it has a windy temperature and it is also too crowded but you will definitely enjoy walking through the streets with the perfect temperature ranging from 10 degrees to 120 degrees.

Amazing Facts You Must Know
  • Chicago has an area of 234 square miles of land.
  • Chicago is considered as the world’s third largest city in the U.S. with an estimated population of 2.7 million.
  • As you know Chicago is called with so many names like the “city of big shoulders”, “the second city” and “the white city”.
  • The loop is the name of the initial business district situated at the primary stem of the Chicago River.
  • There are almost 138 Hotels along with 43,872 rooms in the central district.
  • If you have a certain idea of Chicagoland then you know that there are approx. 7,320 restaurants with 150 breweries.
  • The baseball’s all-star game was held in Comiskey Park in Chicago.
  • The fascinating truth about Chicago is the reality that its residents, the wife of famous millionaire Potter Palmer, invented the brownie in her hometown.

In conclusion, as we know Chicago is the most vibrant and stunning city with some beautiful and picturesque views and activities in various destinations, you should definitely come here with your family and friends. Although your kid will enjoy the trip more, you should definitely take them with you, although Chicago offers you stunning destinations that you should definitely try out while you are on your trip. 

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