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Costa Rica, La Fortuna garden

Super Exciting Places To Visit In Costa Rica

Costa Rica is basically a home of wildlife, beaches, beautiful landscapes, natural beauty, also it has a versatile range in population as it is considered as the most busiest island city in America. This place is basically a paradise for nature lover’s, with some authentic and incredible rainforest and stunning beaches. Those who are looking for hiking, beaches, sunsets and volcanoes this is the main and beautiful destination for visit. Wherever you go in Costa Rica you will find an amazing view constantly. In this blog you will get to know more about this beautiful country Costa Rica.

Intro To Costa Rica As A Travel Destination

Nowadays it means that Costa Rica is the most favourite tourist destination in all of America. People love to visit there because they get a chance to see some beautiful and stunning things like beaches, animals. Volcanos and small fairy areas as you can say all the beautiful destinations are in just one. In Costa Rica there are more that 3 million travelers that reach there every year to visit and explore the beauty of it. 

As we know there is something unique for everyone to enjoy, it has an extraordinary national park, ziplining and also river rafting and many more to explore.

Brief History Of Costa Rica

After the battle that was in the 1810s they were in colonial rule, so Costa Rica became a part of the Mexican Empire until it became the sovereign state in 1838. This situation allows the central American valley’s farmers to enjoy the benefit directly from the coffee, chocolate and banana products that they have grown. If we talk about it 100 years after the bloody civil war that has been done, Costa Rica is typically changed now it has taken a proper shape after that. After the universal franchise and arrange it towards and that was becoming the world’s famous ecological states with the sustainability changes and focuses.

How To Reach Here

In ancient times it’s hard to reach Costa Rica, but now you can reach there easily by flight. Although you will get the two arriving places which are directly connected to the United states, Europe and South America.

  • Juan Santamaria Airport: this is the main airport in the country, located on the northwest side of the capital. The airport picks up a maximum of 5 million passengers every year from the United States, Europe. Although it will drop you in the middle area of Costa Rica.
  • Guanacaste Airport: this airport is the second largest airport in America also called as Liberia airport. This airport takes up a maximum of 1.1 million passengers every year from Los Angeles and London. The good thing about this airport is it’s an up and coming airport. You will definitely get to see some beautiful spots like beaches.

For road trip riders they can arrive on Pan-American Highway, although the road is linked up approx 18,640 miles and it is 30,000 km from Alaska.

Getting Around Costa Rica

So if you want to reach some destinations in Costa Rica, but every destination is on another side, like if you want to see the volcano you have to go north, or you want to see stunning beaches you have to go west, or for Caribbean reefs you have to go to the east. The question is how to get there, here are the suggestions.

  •  Buses

Travelling by bus is one of the most budget friendly choices because it takes only U$$14 per person. Although buses generally don’t use highways or often stop in small villages. Take a bus from the capital San Jose to cranberry it will take you to reach in a day or beaches in just a few hours.

  • Shuttles

Private shuttles are the neat and clean buses that always pickup passengers from their hotel. It takes only 12 passengers at a time, and there are mostly companies that offer them a shuttle to make them explore different parts of the country. Basically shuttles are quite out of the budget but it will make you reach 50% time faster than a regular bus.

  • Rental car

 Most of the travelers have rented a car to drive it themselves, as it is very costly but some people can easily afford it. By rented car you can stop wherever you want to, but you have to do 4×4 speed to reach your destination. It generally makes your free trip you will stop wherever you want to.

Visas For Costa Rica

It’s very surprising to get to know that Costa Rica is a visa free country and you don’t need to apply for any documents for the registration for the travel destination. There are over 65 countries who don’t need any visa as they are the visa free countries for up to 90 days, you can easily travel. And the 65 nations included UK, US, and EU nations. Although the further 40 nationalist countries which have the same scene of visa free tour but it is for up to 30 days. All you have to do is make sure that you have your passport that stays up to for six months because if the border control staff is asking about the proof, you have something to show them.

Best Time To Visit Costa Rica
  • May to November: it is the most visited time from May to November, because it will be a green and wet season that time. In this time rainfall has increased up to 15 inches per month and it may rise from the beginning of the May month.  

This is the best time to visit if you want to see some natural landscapes and wildlife.

  • December to April: This time of the season is basically dry and the hottest temperature at that time with the temperature of almost 26C. The rainfall is getting down in the end of the November, the pacific oceans is come to the warm sun temperature in the between March to April. 
Money: Local And Preferred Currencies

It is a very important note to know about Costa Rica if your are planning to travel there, is that US dollar is the currency of the choice , but if we are talking about the tourist context if the restaurant and in bar asked for the dollar when they quoted USD in their menu book, same as with if you are travelling in shuttle or rented car. If you want to use an ATM in Costa Rica you have to go into towns or usually you will find them in malls and in markets. There are basically two types of withdrawals for up to US$$500 at a single time and on the other one is half of that or other additional charges will automatically cut from your bank account.

Must-Try Food And Drink

From over the centuries there has been made earthy vegetarian food you will also get like rice, bean oodles and tropical fresh fruits. It will be simple but intensely delicious in Costa Rican kitchen’s. There are some famous food items you should definitely try out when you are in Costa Rica.

  • Gallo pinto: it is the most cheapest dish in Costa Rica, also considered as the national dish. It is usually served at breakfast with baked beans and rice with the spicy touch of chilly pepper.
  • Casado: by ordering the Casado you will get a plate beautifully decorated with roasted beans and corn salad, boiled rice and tortilla chips, with a meat piece in it to enhance the taste of the whole dish.
  • Tamale: it is made from stuffed banana leaf with some roasted beans on the side and it is usually served at breakfast.
Top Destinations In Costa Rica
  • San Jose
San Jose costa rica

This is the main center of Costa Rica, as you can say the nerve of the nation. This is covered with the coffee crest, and it will give you the perfect direction of your trip. This city is basically famous for some spectrum museums and surrounded by some beautiful mountains, although visitors can explore the architectural work in shops, hotels and take advantage of cultural events.

  • Tortuguero
Tortuguero costa Rica

This place is basically known as the place for turtles. You can see the nested turtles in a season from July to October, although surprisingly on this time you will see tons of turtles arrive on the sea beach and lay their eggs, if you want to enjoy this moment you can go with the guide and get to know about it more by them.

  • Arenal

This is the volcano spot, where you can experience the incredible scene of the volcano, the volcano here is almost over 5 feet above high. This volcano has been resting there for years and it is 7,500 years old volcano as well, although the Arenal Volcano is the most active volcano in Costa Rica and also in the whole America. 

  • Monteverde
Monteverde costa rica

This is the place where you will find thousands of orchids, while capturing the biodiversity of Costa Rica. you will be shocked if you get to know that in this place you will find about 1,400 types of orchids throughout the country. Also you will find 500 different kinds of species there. This place is famous for its round green plants.

  • Manuel Antonio
Manuel Antonio

If you want to see the white sand beach, then this place is definitely for you . you will find the different species of monkeys in the head of manual. And this will be the forever stunning experience you will get there. This place includes the seven intricate national parks that give the rainfalls, rainforest, beaches, wildlife and hiking. This will be an unforgettable experience.

In conclusion, Costa Rica is one of the most incredible places to visit and spend your vacation there. It has versatile beaches, wildlife experiences you will get through this journey. So let’s buckle up for the trip and make your trip amazing.

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