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Switzerland Visit: A journey To Heaven On The Earth

Switzerland is a beautiful country as it sounds like you are living in heaven, basically Switzerland is the heart of Europe with a mountainous region in the center. Switzerland serves stunning landscapes, rich history with sophisticated scenery. Moreover you will see some beautiful green valley villages which do not look like villages with physical and cultural geography effects in it. Most of the people have a dream to visit this fairy country. Although Switzerland is a very vast country with such unforgettable experiences, you should definitely plan your trip to Switzerland with your loved ones.

Switzerland In A Snapshot

  • Capital: Bern
  • Population: as per the estimation of 2023 the population is 8,796,69.
  • Area: 15,940 sqm and 41,284 sq kilometres.
  • Government: The Swiss government is a federal state with direct democracy.
  • Climate: the average temperature is 0.5 degree in january and 19 degree in july
  • GDP: total is $548 billion
  • Language: German, French and Italian.
  • Currency: swiss franc
  • Main mountains: it is Jura, Alps
  • Main rivers: Rhone, Rhine.

Places To See In Switzerland

  • Zurich
Zurich  Switzerland

Zurich is considered as the largest city of Switzerland, that offers a versatile range of experiences in it. You will get to see the world’s largest zoo here, with a wide range of animal species. Zurich is the most sophisticated city for work or to visit. Although Zurich is a combination of green and modern city, it has the beautiful Zurich lake, museum and the most wonderful thing is to experience the nightlife of Zurich.

  • Lucerne
Lucerne Switzerland

This is the most beautiful place in Switzerland covered with stunning  bridges and has turquoise blue water, giving it a sophisticated view when you visit there. Although this place is also called a land of concerts in which they host so many concerts and music festivals in that area, Lucerne is the complete package of fun. You can also enjoy the lovely cafes in Lucerne with their famous chocolate dishes and coffee. Also you can enjoy the scenic view of boats and swans floating over the water.

  • Interlaken
Interlaken Switzerland

Interlaken nowadays is the must visit place for people, as it is famous for its stunning mountains which are fully covered with snow in winters which attracts a lot of visitors. Basically Interlaken is a small town with large buildings, or you can pass across the old cafes, old hotels and there are chocolate making workshops also. If you explore this town completely you will definitely come across with elevating musical instruments, beautiful and colourful traditional dresses and some local and delicious food. You can definitely enjoy your vacation whether you can also take part in adventurous activities.

  • Lake Geneva
Lake Geneva Switzerland

This lake is basically too stunning and beautiful also in between the border of Switzerland and France. This city is the most popular and the most luxurious in Switzerland which offers you stunning and breathtaking views at night and you can have a pleasurable experience here. You can take a look at a beautiful lake in the middle of the city because of that Geneva lake captures all the complexities of the old and the newest beautifully. So don’t plunge yourself to admire this beauty on your vacation.

  • Zermatt

Zermatt is the tiny but beautiful village at the foot of majestic mountains- The Matterhorn that offers a unique and sophisticated view to the visitors. The most unknown thing for visitors of this place is that you can’t drive though in by car you will get an electric car, horse ride. Basically it is a car free village. This place is literally so peaceful that you can take a break from your worldly problems. This ancient village serves you around 30 old buildings that reflect the traditional way of mountain communities.

  • Montreux
Montreux Switzerland

If you ever visit Montreux on your Switzerland trip you should definitely visit this place, basically this place is located in southwestern part of Switzerland on Geneva lake. This place is in between Geneva lake, wooded forest and vineyards which gives an unique view and attracts a lot of visitors from all over the world. You can take a spotlight with a picturesque view of Switzerland from that place. There are so many festivals and concerts held here like Montreux jazz festivals which are held in July every year and musical concerts in September and choral festivals just after a week of Easter in December.

  • Basel
Basel Switzerland

Basil is basically an old town area with the major rivers Rhone and Rhine, also it is located in between the border of Germany and France. This place offers you the most stunning view, so if you are in Switzerland you should visit the basil city to explore its fascinating things. You can see there are so many cruises on the lake Rhone and Rhine to make you take a ride to explore and adore the beauty of this city Basel. You should definitely take a visit to this city to experience the captivating old rich history and its whole natural beauty.

  • Grindelwald
Grindelwald Switzerland

With the most chaotic and beautiful mountains this city is one of the most scenic and peaceful, this is a small town with the homes of over 36,000 people living here and attractive sites for the visitors. This city has shiny lakes, large and sophisticated mountains with clear skies. Grindelwald is the city for various activities like in winters this place becomes snowy especially for skiers and in summers this place is for trekking and camping because of that this is the most popular destination for visitors.

Things To Do In Switzerland

There are so many things you can experience while travelling in Switzerland.

  • On some special occasions the fountain called munsterhof is divided into wine, thanks to the connectivity of the fountain’s well to make it sophisticated for watching, this fountain is a collab of 1,200 public water falls. You should visit this destination.
  • The old mediaeval town stein and rhein, this place is basically a reservation site of historical buildings and architectural heritage sites. This palace is about 40 km away from the Rhine falls or you can adore the beauty of Rathaus, the town hall.
  • You can take a marvellous train ride in Brienz Rothorn railway to admire the beauty of switzerland. This train ride is above 7,362 above sea level and you can fully enjoy the view of the lake also.
  • You can also take a tuk tuk ride, “an electric ride” in Switzerland, although it is an additional thing that happened in this country to sustain the transport system.
  • Mount Uetliberg is the most unique point to witness the beauty of Zurich, or you can go paragliding, which is one of the most exciting things to do in switzerland.
  • You want to explore the Switzerland city by water? You can take a cruise in Zurich so you can easily explore the beauty of the country.
  • You can experience the best zoo in Zurich to explore the different species. This is a must visit place for people who love wildlife and nature.

Delicious Cuisine To Enjoy The Vacation

  • Rosti, Valaisanne-style: the iconic dish of switzerland. In bern it is traditionally served at breakfast.
  • Leeks with potatoes and sausages: this is a perfect pair of root fat sausages with the tint onion with an earthy result.
  • Basel style roasted flour soup: the basic ingredients for making it is flour, butter, onion and a proper beef stock.
  • Raclette : it is a local cheese which is melted over mid heat and poured over mashed spicy potatoes or any of your dishes.
  • Zurich style ragout : it is made up of sliced veal, with the gravy of white cream with a tint of onion and mushrooms.
  • Bern style chocolate biscuit: this sweet biscuit is made particularly on christmas time with tender hazelnut chocolate.
  • Absinthe : a green sweet drink you will get to find in every restaurant and cafe which gives you an ultimate refreshment.
Switzerland Visit Cost

As an Indian visitor the whole package tour of Switzerland is about 1,70,000 to 2,00,000.

Accommodations are:

  • Flight tickets – 30,000 to 80,000 or more than that.
  • Transportation – around 30,000 for 3 days (250 CHF).
  • Food – for a middle range restaurant is approx 1,500-3,000 per person, whereas for a high range restaurant is approx 4,000 per person.
  • Activities – the prices are 800-2,500 per person.
  • Hostel range – is about 3,000-8,000
  • Luxury hotels – is about 8,000-16,000.
Visa Process
  • You need to determine your visa type as you have to apply for a Schengen visa.
  • Before travelling to Switzerland you should check the eligibility criteria for example a valid passport, proof of your fund chart and other supporting documents.
  • For applying for a Schengen visa you need to fill the application form, from the official website of the Swiss embassy.
  • Schedule the appointment for the clarification of your visa. You have to prepare for giving your photo and fingerprint.
  • You have to pay the visa fees according to the person’s age.
  • Once your visa is approved, collect your passport form the visa application centre.

In conclusion, Switzerland is a versatile country with such beautiful and stunning cities, an uncountable adventurous sports or unique places. You will get an unforgettable experience in your entire journey. Although Switzerland offers sophisticated experiences that leave a long lasting impression on every visitor.

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