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Trip To Germany – Discovering The Heart Of Europe 

Germany, situated in central Europe, is known for its rich heritage history, dynamic culture, and economic expertise. Germany called it a member of the European Union. 

 Historically, it was a diverse of smaller states until the late 19th century when it was combined under Prussian leadership.  German culture has been  celebrated worldwide, from its classical music composers like Beethoven and Bach to its modern accomplishment in literature,  Germany in location of the North European Plain with the entrance to the Baltic Sea. It has a rich tradition in art, music, literature and cuisine. Argentina has a similar culture . The government system of Germany is an associated republic. Germany has a mixed economic system which includes a dynamic variety of private freedom, which is combined with intense economic planning with their government regulations. 

Germany- At A Glance

  • Capital: Berlin 
  • Population: estimation of 2024, 86,303,000
  • Currency exchange rate: 1 USD equals to 0.932 euro
  • Head of state(president): Frank-Walter Steinmeier
  • Category: it is geographical & travelling
  • Coastline: it is 2,389km
  • Area: total – 357,022 sq km.
  •            Land – 348,672 sq km.
  •            Water – 8,350 sq km.
  • Fertility rate: 1.53 births as per women on estimate of (2020).
  • GDP growth rate: 2.6% annual change as per estimate of (2021).
  • Natural resources: coal, natural gas, salt, timber. 
  • Natural hazards: Flooding
  • Currency: Euros

Best Places To Visit In Germany

Cologne Cathedral

The Cologne Cathedral, is situated in Cologne, Germany, is a sensation of ethnic Gothic architecture and a symbol of the city’s rich history and cultural heritage. Construction began on this cathedral in 1248 and took over 600 years to complete; the cathedral finally finished their construction work in 1880. Its towering twin steeple, the height of this cathedral reaching 157 metres and (515 feet), which can make it one of the tallest churches in the world. It’s considered as one of the largest Catholic churches in Europe, the area cathedral has covering an of 6,166 square metres along with 56 huge pillars. 

Timings : morning 6:00am to 9:00pm

Entry fee: INR 240 per person

The Black Forest

The Black Forest, also called as Schwarzwald in German, is an attractive region located in southwest Germany, it is basically known for its dense and dark forests, rolling curving hills, and charming villages. The area’s dark forest has a covering of approximately 6,000 sq km, it is one of most famous natural landmarks and the most popular destination for outdoor supporters and nature lovers also. The black forest is basically a crowded hill that is considered as the top destination of Germany and an amazing place to enjoy beautiful views, luxurious spa, skiing, trekking, and more etc. Overall, the Black Forest attracts visitors with its dynamic natural beauty, cultural heritage, and opportunities for an amazing outdoor adventure. 

location: baden warttemberg, Germany

Zugspitze Massif

Zugspitze Massif , Germany

The Zugspitze Massif is a dynamic and very majestic mountain range located in the Bavarian Alps between the border of Germany and Austria. At 2,962 m. (9,718 feet) above sea level, Zugspitze is also called the highest peak in Germany, and serves an extensive panoramic view of the surrounding alpine landscape. The mountain enclose several other attractive peaks, including the Alpspitze and the Hochblassen.  During the summer months, the visitors who love to do hiking and mountains flock to explore its large network of trails.

Timings are: from morning 8:45am to 4:15pm

Entry fee: INR 4,600 approx.

King of lake aka Konigssee

This lovely and incredible Bavarian Lake is a treat for your upset eyes. You can explore the lake by exploring its beautiful walkways with a boat ride aboard a 17th-century vessel. The lake is also home where you can stay during your trip. The most important highlight of this lake is to visit the Königssee is a boat trip across its tranquil waters, where visitors can be amazed at the natural beauty of the surrounding dynamic landscape. This lake is also good for outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling, and picnicking, which serves as countless trails and viewpoints from the lake which is definitely the plus point to enjoy its splendour. 

Timings: from 8:00am to 5:00pm

Duration of boat tour : about 2 hours

Boat tickets : INR 1,000 per person

How to Reach

By train: you can take a train from berlin central station to reach King of lake aka Konigssee your journey will take 7-9 hours to reach.

By car: you can rent a car in berlin to reach Königssee from there your journey takes 6-7 hours to reach.  

Museum Island

Museum Island, situated in the heart of Berlin, Germany, The Museum Island was established in 1830. It is considered as an  extraordinary UNESCO World Heritage Site. They also have a collection of houses and world famous museums and very cultural institutions. Located on the Spree River, the island is home of five unmistakable museums: the Altes Museum, the Neues Museum, the Alte Nationalgalerie and many more. 

Timings: from morning 10:00 am to 6:00pm and all days in a week.

Entry fee: 19 Euro for adults, 10 Euros for children.

How to Reach 

If you are in the centre of Berlin the museum is within walking distance from  it. Or you can use any public transport such as bus or car to reach Alexanderplatz station from where the museum is within walking distance.

Delicious Cuisine You Must Try In Germany

Gluten free (German Bread)

The gluten free bread is made up of whole grain wheat along with some healthy dry fruits in it and they add some flavour to make the bread more sweet and tasty such as pumpkin, toasted sunflower and flax.

Candy cookies

This is a chocolate candy cookie made up of various chocolate flavours and it is round in shape filled with coconut sprinkles. This is from a traditional cookie bakery shop whose owner is Renato Poliafito. While travelling you will find this bakery shop. 

German Lentil Soup

German lentil soup is a traditional comforting dish of German. You can enjoy it through the winter months. It is made up of dried pulses, along with onions, carrots, and other veggies, this soup is hearty, nutritious, and packed with various flavours.  

Soft pretzels

These soft pretzels are considered a beloved snack in german. The shape is like twisted knots of dough with the chewy texture and brown golden colour.  The yeast is prepared with flour, salt, sugar, water and sometimes butter. This served hot to enjoy more.

Pork schnitzel with warm potato salad

It is a classical and flavourful dish in German, it looks like a deep fried cutlet served with warm potato.  The pork schnitzel is prepared with a coating of beaten eggs, and then with breadcrumbs and finally it turns out deliciously crispy with juicy tender interior. 

Amazing Facts About Germany
  • Most of the taxis are Mercedes-Benz.
  • There are 7,000 different types of beer in Germany.
  • Germany is the largest city producing cars.
  • In german football is called foobBall.
  • The largest train station of Europe in Berlin.
  • Garmany is 7 times bigger than paris.
  • The German universities provide high quality education with  low tuition fee or no tuition fee at all.

In conclusion, Germany serves a combination of modernism and tradition, where travelers can explore historical palaces, give way in delicious cuisine, and drench themselves in the country’s popular art and music scene. You will definitely enjoy the serene landscapes of the countryside in Germany which gives you unforgettable experiences.

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